Measurement System inspects turbine blades and airfoils.

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CMMaster(TM) non-contact, full-field, 3D measurement system integrates imaging techniques with software algorithms to create technology that images parts ranging in size from inches to 3+ ft. It eliminates manual gauging and touch probe CMM measurements, generating results with depth resolutions of 0.001 in. or better. Configured for 12 in. useable field of view, system produces 2,400+ data points per square inch, with min inspection angle of ±45°.

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New Product for Inspecting Turbine Blades and Precision Airfoils

Intelligent Quality Systems has developed a high-speed, high-resolution sensor that quickly and accurately inspects precision airfoils and turbine blades, eliminating costly manual gauging and time-consuming touch probe CMM measurements.

Precision airfoils and turbine blades made for aircraft engines, industrial gas turbines, and microturbines require three-dimensional manufacturing precision to achieve maximum power and fuel efficiency. The airfoils require measurement tolerances of 0.001-inch or better.

Manufacturers that produce precision airfoils typically use touch probe CMMs and manual gauges to measure airfoils and maintain the precise quality control standards necessary for these demanding industries.

Since airfoils can range in length from under an inch to more than four feet, manufacturers use several CMMs and a wide variety of custom mechanical fixtures in each plant. Despite employing several CMMs and multiple sets of costly fixtures, usually only a random sampling of blades is actually measured.

"For years, precision airfoil manufacturers have been seeking instrumentation that offers larger fields of view and faster measurement times," says David Miller, IQ Systems' Vice President, Sales & Marketing. "Their ultimate goal is to have on-line inspection and quality control capability for airfoils of all sizes."

To meet this need, IQ Systems has developed CMMaster(TM), a unique, non-contact, full-field, 3-D measurement system designed for high-speed, high accuracy gauging of large surfaces. CMMaster(TM) integrates proprietary imaging techniques with advanced software algorithms to create a unique, scalable imaging technology that can image parts ranging in size from a few inches to well over three feet while maintaining the ability to produce accurate, repeatable, high-resolution measurements in just seconds.

"The objective here is to develop cost-effective, reliable equipment that permits a 100% inspection capability," says Dr. George Mather, President of IQ Systems. "CMMaster(TM) demonstrates the ability to generate results with depth resolutions of 0.001-inches or better. The modular engineering design also allows CMMaster(TM) to be adapted to new industries and applications with minimal effort."

CMMaster(TM) configured for a nominal 12-inch useable field of view produces over 2,400 data points per square inch, with a minimum included inspection angle of ±45 degrees. CMMaster(TM) can accommodate parts larger than 3.5 feet by using multiple sensors or taking multiple images. The sensor is ideal for the aerospace, automotive, and industrial molds industries.

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