Measurement Laser assesses thickness to 0.01 micron.

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Using one sensor head, LT-9000 Series Laser Confocal Displacement Meters perform accurate measurements on transparent objects, even when target surfaces are wet, angled, or irregular. Sensor head incorporates CCD camera, and cross-hair cursor facilitates positioning of 2 micron beam spot. Built-in microscope provides continuous waveform display of topographic surface detail, and measurement modes include profile, transparent object thickness, angle, and cross-sectional area.

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0.01 Micron Thickness, Profile and Angle Measurements Even on Transparent Objects

The Keyence LT-9000 Series of Laser Confocal Displacement Meters represents a major breakthrough in laser measurement technology. Accurate 0.01-micron thickness measurements are now possible on transparent objects using a single sensor head, even when target surfaces are wet, angled or irregular. Multiple measurement modes include: profile measurement, transparent object thickness measurement, angle measurement and cross-sectional area measurement.

During operation, the LT's 2-micron diameter laser beam is focused on the target surface through an objective lens that vibrates vertically at high speed by means of a tuning fork. The beam continually reflects off the target surface and converges on a pinhole in the sensor head and then enters the light-receiving element. By measuring the exact position of the objective lens when the light enters the light-receiving element, the target height can be precisely determined. The position measurement of an object is obtained only when the laser beam is perfectly focused on the object's surface. LT-9000 measurement series' accuracy is unaffected by the material surface, color, angle, wetness or irregularity.

The LT-9000 sensor head incorporates a built-in CCD camera that provides a microscopic image of the target surface. A cross-hair cursor facilitates precise positioning of the LT's ultra-small, 2-micron beam spot. A continuous waveform display of topographic surface detail is provided by the LT's built-in microscope. The LT-9501 Controller and monitor provide simple-to-use menus in combination with a hand-held remote control unit for operational simplicity.

Typical LT measurement applications include:

o Semiconductor: Height measurement of minute (20-micron diameter) bonding wires, BGA (Ball Grid Array) shape and height, depth of wafer etch and dicing grooves, wafer warpage, LCD cover glass flatness and more.

o Printed circuits: Thickness measurement of transparent PCB coatings.

o Optics: Profile and thickness measurement of contact lenses.

o Packaging: Scoring depth measurement on Aluminum can pull-tabs.

o Electrical-Motors: Measurement of miniature components through motor housing openings.

For further information, contact Phil Melore, Engineering Manager, Keyence Corporation of America, 50 Tice Boulevard, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677. Tel: 888-539-3623, ext 70703. Fax: 201-930-1883. Email:

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