MD Packaging Company Enhances Capabilities for Wooden Crates and Military Packaging

Halethorpe MD - When Robert and Beverly Lipsky, the founders of RBL Industries, consider wooden crates and military packaging they are proud that the product they provide can make a serious difference, while also understanding the constant need for innovation. For this reason, RBL Industries has continued to enhance and overhaul its capabilities when it comes to both wooden shipping crates and military packaging.

While both products aren't typically thought of as "high tech" solutions like the latest smartphone might be, Robert Lipsky explains that the company has had plenty of opportunity to bring a great deal of modern innovation to both wooden crates and military packaging. "Both products have history. I can't even begin to think how long wooden crates have been used to ship just about anything, and military packaging has continually been one of our biggest focuses. With process improvements we've made, it's all getting better every year. We're excited for 2013."

While products like wood packaging crates might seem like there's nothing to improve upon, Lipsky says the company has had great success incorporating modern cushioning materials and support components. This has combined the timeless strength and protection of wooden crates with modern technology to make them even more reliable. While not exclusively used for military packaging, Lipsky explains that recent innovations - among other things - have allowed the company to provide wooden shipping crates for a variety of military shipping applications.

For the military, this has included a number of barrier materials, anti-moisture bags, ordinance wrap, and anti-static bags. As Lipsky explains, "We provide a lot of solutions for the military. Naturally, some of them have to be able to take a beating. That's where the wooden crates come in. Recently, we've had a lot of success combining the more modern solutions, like moisture and static barriers, with the unbeatable strength of wood."

In every case, whether combined with the characteristic strength of wooden crates or not, Lipsky explains that products like these go a long way in ensuring the military receives the supplies it needs, wherever it needs them, adding "That's a service we're very proud to be able to provide."

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About RBL Industries

Robert Lipsky, president of RBL Industries, has been a packaging professional for over 36 years. With a large staff of experts, the Baltimore area packaging provider is focused on delivering cost savings, fast delivery, and the high quality packaging solutions customers in every industry require. For more information on custom foam packaging from RBL Industries, visit or call 1-800-234-5711.

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