McLube Anti Tack and Slab Dip Agents

McLube Division of McGee Industries is proud to announce that it will be the US Domestic contact for Alkon Anti Tack and Slab Dip agents manufactured by the Stephenson Group Ltd, England.  Alkon offers a diverse and extensive line of anti-tacks in powder, dispersion, and liquid form.  The range has developed over the years to suit customer requirements-based on their preferences regarding the type of coating and the demands of the plant equipment.  The products may be used on rubber compounds produced in all forms, including: pellets, cut blanks, strip, extrusions or sheet. The selection of the correct product type is achieved through close co-operations between customer and McLube Division of McGee Industries. Please contact The McLube Division of McGee Industries, Inc., 9 Crozerville Road, Aston, PA 19014. 1-800-2 McLube (262-5823), for more information.

Glenn J. Dublisky

Senior Technical Representative

McLube Division

McGee Industries, Inc.

9 Crozerville Road

P.O. Box 2425

Aston, PA 19014



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