MBMI Goes Green with New Solar Panel Parking Canopy

Steel building manufacturer designs parking canopies with complete solar panel roofing.

Delray Beach, FL - MBMI Metal Buildings, supplier of pre-engineered metal buildings and accessories, in support of going green and energy efficiency, is proud to announce its construction of 6 T-Frame Parking Canopies entirely integrated with Solar Panels at Drew Ford in San Diego, California. The solar panels are attached to steel framing doubling as both a source of energy and a shading system for vehicles. MBMI promotes the use of solar panels to motivate other companies to also be socially responsible by building green. Investing in solar panels saves money in electricity and the actual expense is decreased with a 30-percent federal investment tax credit.

Clint Walker, President of Southwestern Solar Systems, contractor of the Solar Panel Parking Canopies and provider of the solar panels for this project, computed the following environmental impact analysis of Drew Ford's solar panels:

  • Panels will supply 18% of total energy usage
  • Monthly electric bill will be reduced by 22%
  • With rising electricity prices annual electricity bill savings will grow by 601% over 25 years
  • Reduction of Green House Gas emissions by 5,199 tons of CO2 (Over 25 years)
    - Equivalent to planting 207,972 trees

    Commenting on MBMI's green movement for energy efficient building, MBMI Engineer Ian Strompf says: "It's becoming increasingly apparent to us that going green is beneficial for our environment and our customers. The current population, especially the youth, is showing immense interest in sustainability. Yes, there are additional costs to add solar panels to your building; but the returns on your investment from electricity savings and improved sustainability and social responsibility make it an advisable investment."

    For information on GREEN building with solar panels visit http://mbmisteelbuildings.com/green-buildings

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