Maxell Showcases Full Line of Broadcast and Video Media at 2007 NAB

Product Line-Up Includes Professional Disc for XDCAM, iVDR, SVOD, and HOLOGRAPHIC Among Other HD Storage, Archival and Recording Formats

LAS VEGAS, April 16 - NAB Booth: C7736 - Maxell Corporation of America's Professional Media Products Division will highlight new and cutting-edge media platforms including Professional Disc for XDCAM, SVOD, iVDR and Holographic at the 2007 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Convention, while showcasing its family of broadcast products which includes HDCAM, D-5, DVCPRO HD and DVPRO/HDV.

This year, Maxell will be exhibiting for its 26th year at NAB with a portfolio of performance based media on display that offer customers durable, high-quality recording capabilities that meet the full range of professional High-Definition (HD) and archival requirements all backed by Maxell's value-added technical services and support.

"The broadcast world is primed to capitalize on consumers' growing appetite for digital content," said Don Patrican, executive vice president of sales for Maxell. "With our expertise and advanced technology, Maxell is well positioned to provide the latest media and service to efficiently and cost-effectively record, store and archive the industry's growing libraries."

Maxell Professional Disc for XDCAM Systems

Maxell's new Professional Disc media was designed to meet the needs of the increasingly popular direct-to-disc tapeless recording sector of the professional video and broadcast market. It features high capacity storage, fast transfer rates and ruggedness for the rigorous demands of the professional video and broadcast environment.

Maxell SVOD - Stacked Volumetric Optical Discs

The Maxell SVOD technology leverages the DVD format to create a cost-effective archive storage solution. It is targeting the broadcasting and content service market in addition to a wide range of applications for small to large businesses including examples such as regulatory compliance, medical records and imaging, and video surveillance. Not commercially available yet, the Maxell SVOD prototype is designed using 100 disc cartridges providing a storage capacity that ranges from 940 GB to 5 terabytes. The prototype is scalable to a rack type storage system for capacity of more than one patabyte.

Maxell Holographic Optical Recording Media

Holographic Optical Recording Technology breaks through the density limits of conventional storage by going beyond recording only on the surface, to recording through the full depth of the medium. Unlike other technologies that record one data bit at a time, holography allows a million bits of data to be written and read in parallel with a single flash of light. This enables transfer rates significantly higher than current optical storage devices.

Maxell iVDR

The secured removable hard disk, iVDR, will also be shown at NAB. It improves the efficiency in the total work flow from material gatherings, to editing, transmitting and storing video content and eliminating converting from tapes to hard disk drives. The showcase will feature the editing of HD materials with Final Cut PRO on a MacBook Pro.

Maxell HDCAM

HDCAM videocassettes utilize Maxell's superior ultra-high-performance binder systems to achieve exceptional durability, essential to resilience in the volatile environments of ENG/EFP recordings. The binder systems also help Maxell HDCAM exceed the compulsory storage performance demands of long-term archiving. The 1/2" metal particle tape cassette incorporates super-fine Ceramic Armor Metal particles (0.1 micron size) to achieve an exceptional output level and to surpass the low noise requirements of HDCAM's 7-to-1 compression algorithm. Maxell HDCAM videocassettes feature a recording density 1.4 times greater than Digital BETACAM for superior digital and video archiving performance. The small cassette lineup of HDCAM includes 6, 12, 22, 32, and 40 minute cassettes, while the large cassette lineup includes tapes that run 64, 94 and 124 minutes.

Maxell D-5

Featuring superior magnetic qualities, improved signal-to-noise and a long life, Maxell's D-5 series is a multi-purpose format equipped to handle standard, wide and high-definition television configurations, enabling it to meet the diverse requirements of the modern television system. Maxell has developed D-5 videocassette products using its 0.1 um diameter ultra-fine Ceramic Armor Metal particles and advanced tape technologies, which results in exceptional performance, ideal head-to-tape contact and superior durability.


Maxell's DVCPRO HD videocassettes were designed to meet the harsh demands of the HD television environment. By adopting Ceramic Armor Metal particles and implementing a durable binder system, Maxell improved the intensity of the 6.35 mm HD tape's magnetic layer, creating a reliable medium for ENG/EFP recording and extended archiving. The videocassette's calendering technology process serves to ensure the highest quality preservation for both image and sound, which results in high levels of output, low noise and low error rate levels due to excellent C/N. DVCPRO HD videocassettes have a compact cassette shell for greater mobility, and exhibit coercivity of 2350 Oe and retentivity of 3800 BR. Cassettes are available in 126 minute lengths.


Maxell's DVPRO/HDV is a high-definition digital videocassette which realizes 720p recording and playback of high-definition video on a 1/4" inch 6.35 mm cassette tape. As the world's smallest digital videocassette, this improved videocassette is for use in HDV and DV systems, and employs a new robust lubricant and a diamond-like carbon (DLC) film providing superior image quality and outstanding performance across a wide variety of applications. Its rugged durability stands up to repeated rewinding, fast-forwarding and playback of professional editing, which results in improved short wavelength output, decreased noise and minimized spacing loss with the video head. DVPRO/HDV is ideally suited to videographers, low-budget filmmakers, and corporate and institutional productions. The 63-minute cassette is specifically designed for HD and for use in cameras that call for a Mini DV HDV cassette. DVPRO/HDV is also available in 96 and 186 minute lengths.

About Maxell

Maxell Corporation of America, a technology and marketing leader, is a full line manufacturer of digital media products for consumer, professional and data storage markets. Maxell is a recognized brand for over thirty years that delivers a comprehensive line of digital tape and disc-based recording media products for consumer audio, video, camcorder and data storage applications. The company also manufactures and markets a wide range of consumer battery products, as well as a full line of electronics care, maintenance, and accessory products including headphones, plasma TV cleaners, and iPod/MP3 cases and speakers.

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