Matthews Demonstrates New Easy-To-Use Continuous Ink-Jet Printer, Fiber Laser Printer, Drop-On-Demand Ink-Jet Controller At Westpack 2008

Anaheim, CA, January 29, 2008 - Matthews Marking Products is demonstrating three new systems - a continuous ink-jet printer (CIJ), a fiber-optic laser printer and a Drop-on-Demand ink-jet controller with large color touchscreen -- in booth #5001 at the WestPack 2008 show at the Anaheim Convention Center January 29-31. In addition, Matthews is showing its new FDA-compliant packaging ink for ink-jet printers, a high-resolution ink-jet marking system, an entry-level ink-jet case coding system and a thermal transfer printer with new touchscreen controller.

NEW I-Mark(TM) C84 Continuous Ink-Jet - easy to use, low maintenance

The C84's large, easy-to-read, color, icon-based touchscreen (10.4 in.) and single button controls for jet startup/shutdown make it simple to operate and create and change messages. "We think the C84 has the easiest operator interface of any CIJ on the market," said Antonio Cortes del Valle, Matthews' Product Manager.

This printer also features a self-cleaning printhead for fast, reliable, small-character coding of up to 4 lines of text -- expiration dates, batch codes, logos and bar codes -- on a wide range of products of any shape or surfaces. Ideal for cosmetic, snackfood, pharmaceutical, electronic and other applications, the new printer is manufactured in the U.S.

Regular maintenance is only required after 2,500 hours of operation, in comparison to the usual 1,500 hours of competing CIJ printers. The C84 prints characters from .05 in -.61 in. (1.25 mm-15.6 mm) high at a maximum speed of 1,235 ft. per minute (376 m/min.). It may be used with fast dry, non-MEK and pigmented inks for porous or non-porous substrates.

NEW fiber laser system for on-the-fly marking on metallized materials

The new e-SolarMark FL fiber laser marking system from Matthews provides on-the-fly or stationary permanent high-quality small character marking/coding of metallized or plastic materials, such as packaging foils. With no consumables and an average life of 100,000 working hours, the new air-cooled laser marking system requires less space -and consumes less energy than typical YAG lasers.

As a standard feature, the new system has the ability to turn text/code 90° and therefore print horizontally or vertically anywhere within the entire marking area. Competing systems require programming to accomplish this, according to Joe Arnold, Matthews' Product Manager.

Applications for the new e-SolarMark FL system include food/snackfood, beverage pouches, candy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and others.

NEW V84 DOD ink-jet controller with large color touchscreen

The latest addition to Matthews Drop-on-Demand (DOD) ink jet printing controller family, the

I-Mark(TM) V84 is being unveiled at West Pack.

Ideal for printing up to 4-5 lines of text, graphics/logos, and bar codes for packaging and industrial applications, the new V84 controller features an easy-to-use 10.4 inch color touchscreen interface. The V84 can drive either standard printheads or Matthews' new low ink-consumption, high-resolution 8000 Series DOD printheads, which last five times longer than other DOD printheads. At West Pack, the V84 is being shown with an 8000 Series 32-valve Mini printhead.

Instead of global settings, the V84 allows for independent control of up to four DOD printheads to allow for maximum flexibility. Icon-based navigation and WYSIWYG format simplify message set-up and changes. Most printer functions are easily completed in a minute or less, saving time and money.

Maximum print speed is 680 fpm (feet per minute) and characters maybe b e from 3/32 in. (2.38mm) to 5 in. (127 mm) high, depending on printheads used. The V84 uses fast-dry, pigmented, dye and water-based inks in a wide range of colors to print on porous and non-porous surfaces.

NEW PX-370 FDA-compliant water-based ink for porous food packaging

Matthews' new PX-370 water-based ink complies with FDA requirements for printing on porous, food packaging materials, such as paper, corrugated and cardboard. Designed for use in DOD ink-jet systems, the PX-370 ink prints darker than competitors, ensuring a bolder, higher-contrast message (bar codes, date codes, lot numbers, product information) on the outside of boxes or bulk bags.

The PX-370 ink is just one of the new PX series of both water- and solvent-based inks recently introduced by Matthews for packaging applications.

NEW low-maintenance, high-resolution IP 7000 eliminates need for labels

The recently introduced IP 7000 ink-jet system for printing text, logos, graphics and bar codes on one or two sides of cartons/trays offers a combination of high print quality, exceptionally low ink consumption (as little as 2% of what DOD systems use to print the same information) and minimal maintenance requirements.

The new system saves on both costs and time: the printing controllers use a repairable print engine from Trident, while Matthews' rugged printheads need no filter changes, recalibration or flushing when the system is shut down.

The IP 7000 is PC-based and network-ready, providing maximum ease in editing print messages -- up to 32 lines of text, fancy graphics and scannable barcodes. With 100 mm printheads, the IP 7000 can print characters/graphics as tall as 3.94 in. (among the highest print height in the industry). Software informs users how many times a particular message can be printed with one 500 cc ink bottle - making it easy to modify the print message so that either print quality or ink savings are maximized.

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