Matrox Extio Technology Validated by Leading Providers of Industrial Process Automation Systems and Software

Matrox Extio technology validated by leading providers of industrial process automation systems and software Remote graphics units provide IT managers optimal combination of distance, image quality and reliability

Montreal, Canada, January 8th, 2008 - Matrox Graphics Inc., announced today that its line of Extio remote graphics units (RGUs) has been qualified for use with leading distributed control systems (DCS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software from companies such as ABB Process Automation, Emerson Process Management, GE Fanuc, Honeywell Process Solutions, Invensys Foxboro, and Invensys Wonderware.

"There are many approaches to extending multi-monitor graphics and Matrox offers a solution for the majority of them," says Samuel Recine, Business Development Manager - Critical Decision Systems, Matrox Graphics Inc. "Matrox has designed Extio expressly for partners deploying systems who require monitor and I/O extension with workstation-class performance in high-reliability environments. We are pleased that this technology has been met with such strong acceptance."

Extension over a considerable distance
Matrox Extio technology extends the user interface of the computer - the keyboard, mouse, monitors, audio peripherals and graphics hardware - from the rest of the computer by up to 820 feet (250 meters) of fiber-optic cable.

"The stability, distance-using very little cabling, multi-display support, and image quality provided with Matrox Extio products were key determining factors in our decision to incorporate this technology into the 800xA Extended Operator Workplace," says Per Lundmark, Marketing Manager - 800xA Extended Operator Workplace, ABB Automation Technologies. "Using a single fiber-optic cable we can now connect up to four monitors, as well as a keyboard and mouse to each certified Operator Workplace computer with perfect quality over a long distance. The unique Matrox Extio feature set has helped us to offer such a comprehensive productivity-enhancing solution to our customers."

"Matrox multi-display technology, specifically the G450x4 MMS and QID LP PCIe graphics cards, are the quad-display products of choice for the Emerson DeltaV workstation. Additionally, Emerson Process Management has further validated the Matrox Extio F1400 Remote Graphics Unit for use with DeltaV v9.3 and higher. Extio technology provides exceptional graphics performance and image quality on 4 displays at a distance of up to 820ft. With Extio, DeltaV customers can power operator stations away from their DCS workstation without a performance penalty." - Emerson Process Management

Unparalleled image quality
Equipped with a Matrox-designed graphics chip, and support for up to four displays, Extio RGUs provide renowned Matrox image quality and unparalleled performance over a significant distance.

"Matrox has shown a commitment to automation management systems by exposing multi-display capabilities for all system form factors with products like Extio, says Roy Kok, Senior Product Manager of Proficy Software HMI/SCADA Applications and Drivers GE Fanuc Automation. "With Extio, GE Fanuc products like CIMPLICITY and iFIX can now run up to 820 feet from the operator interface."

"Matrox Extio products work very well with Honeywell control systems, including the Icon Series Console," says Dennis Kodimer, Systems Hardware Engineering, Honeywell Process Solutions. "Since graphics, audio, and USB hardware is integrated into the Extio device itself, graphics performance at 800ft is as fluid as it would be if the displays were powered directly by an add-in card in a computer only a couple of feet away under the desk."

"Matrox Extio remote graphics units provide excellent image quality at high resolutions over considerable distances (up to 820ft)," says Betty Naylor-McDevitt, Director of Marketing for Invensys Process Systems. "The use of these devices makes it possible for our customers to run the operator interfaces away from their Foxboro DCS workstations, which can be secured in a separate, temperature controlled room."

A steadfast solution
The ability provided by Extio RGUs to place the critical parts of a computer, such as the disks, memory, and processors in a separate, secure room enhances system security and reliability. This also saves space at the operator stations, removes a potentially noisy computer, and allows system administrators to access and maintain the system at a separate location.

"Wonderware has validated Matrox Extio technology with InTouch HMI SCADA applications, says Keith Jones, Business Manager, HMI/Visualization, Wonderware. "The host of configuration options available with the included Matrox PowerDesk desktop management software enables Wonderware users to easily customize category A and B configurations-even over a stretched desktop that spans more than four displays across multiple devices."

Additional information
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