Matrox Adds Three New Fanless Video Wall Controller Boards to Mura MPX Series

MONTREAL - New Mura MPX input/output boards offer passive cooling for increased product longevity in mission-critical environments

Matrox Graphics Inc. announced today the introduction of three new fanless Mura(TM) MPX Series video wall controller boards that build upon the line's revolutionary design.
Mura is the first PCI Express (PCIe) x16 Gen 2 board class to feature both HD resolution inputs and outputs. The new fanless SKUs make use of the same high-performance, single-slot design with 64 Gbit/sec duplex data transfer and feature four HD outputs and either zero, two, or four HD inputs for maximum I/O flexibility. The fanless Mura boards have no moving parts, helping to further increase Matrox's industry-leading reliability.

With the ability to create quieter systems and a jump to three-year warranties, Matrox expects a relatively quick OEM adoption of these new Mura cards.

Mura boards can be scaled from just one board to create small video wall controllers to multi-board medium-sized and even very large-sized video wall controllers in order to support a wide range of applications from presentation systems in conference rooms, auditoriums, control rooms, and classrooms to collaboration systems used in surveillance and process control systems. With support for HDCP capture and output, the Mura line is also now very popular in advanced digital signage solutions.

"With these fanless models, Mura further distinguishes itself as the market's video wall controller board standard," said Helgi Sigurdsson, Product Manager, Matrox Graphics Inc. "Even greater product reliability complements the high degrees of performance, image quality, and scalability associated with Mura MPX Series."

Fanless Universal Output/Input Boards:

o Mura MPX-4/0 (four outputs, zero inputs)

Part number: Mura-MPX40HF

o Mura MPX-4/2 (four outputs, two inputs)

Part number: Mura-MPX42HF

o Mura MPX-4/4 (four outputs, four inputs)

Part number: Mura-MPX44HF

Also available are Mura single-slot PCIe x4 analogue video input boards featuring either 8 or 16 inputs and 8 Gbit/sec duplex data transfer. Each is compatible with Mura input/output boards for the capture of additional analogue inputs on a given video wall for greater customisation.

Analogue Video Input Boards:

o Mura MPX-V8 (8 inputs)

Part number: Mura-MPXV8F

o Mura MPX-V16 (16 inputs)

Part number: Mura-MPXV16F

Additionally, Mura third-generation SDI PCIe x16 controller boards, which capture and display SDI video, support two 3G SDI inputs and two DVI outputs and feature 32 Gbit/sec duplex data transfer.

SDI Input/DVI Output Boards:

o Mura MPX-SDI (two DVI outputs, two 3G SDI inputs)

Part number: Mura-MPXSDIF

All the Mura MPX Series products listed above are accompanied by three-year warranties.


The Matrox Mura MPX Series fanless display wall controller boards and accompanying development kits will be available as of April 2012. Fan-based models are also available and in some instances may be better suited to meet specific system requirements.

For more information on Mura boards or to order your development kit, please visit or contact

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Source: Matrox Graphics Inc.

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