Material Highlight: 3M 442F

This month's material highlight features 3M's 442F double-coated adhesive tapes. The 442F features a thin polyester film carrier that provides dimensional stability and improved handling with ease of die-cutting and laminating. 442F comes standard with 3M Adhesive 830. The 830 is a firm rubber adhesive system that provides a combination of good adhesion, good temperature performance, good solvent resistance and good quick stick to a wide variety of materials as well as clean removability from many surfaces.

These tapes are ideal for bonding together a wide variety of similar and dissimilar materials such as rubbers, metals, glass, papers, paints and many plastics. Some application ideas include:

  • Splicing of films, foils, papers, fabrics

  • Holding objects where high shear forces are encountered

  • Holding grinding and polishing pads

  • Miscellaneous joining and holding uses

Material Specifications:

  • Adhesive Family: 830

  • Tape Thickness w/o Liner: 4.0 mils

  • Tape Thickness w/ Liner: 7.0 mils

  • Adhesive Thickness (front side non-liner side): 1.5 mils

  • Adhesive Carrier: 1.0 mil

  • Adhesive Thickness (back side-liner side): 1.5 mils

  • Release Liner Type: Polyester

  • Release Liner Color: Translucent

  • Liner Thickness: 3.0 mils

Click Here for the 3M 442F Data Sheet

For more than 65 years, SRP has provided companies in a diverse set of industries with custom die-cutting services (link), fashioning materials into predefined shapes and sizes using customer specified materials.  We provide manufacturing solutions for a broad range of applications including: Gasketing, Cushioning, Sealing, Insulating, Shielding, Shock Absorption and Vibration Control, Filtering, Thermal Management, Bonding, Fastening, and Surface Protection. Our capabilities allow us to help our customers with anything from Design Assistance to Rapid Prototyping and beyond.

Check back next week for an in-depth look at one of the many solutions 3M 442F can provide, as we will use one of our products as an example.

Team SRP

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