Material Handling System mixes intelligent with fixed pitch track sections.

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Featuring Maglev linear drive technology, 2nd Gen PackTrak(TM) propels objects using magnetic fields. System eliminates need for intelligent or integrated electronics throughout all track sections, such as those where product is being re-circulated or pushed to next station. For this purpose, machine uses Fixed Pitch or dumb track sections, which are driven with rotary servo and belt mechanism. Feedback across Fixed Pitch sections comes from rotary servo drive.

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Jacobs Automation Releases 2nd Gen Reduced Cost PackTrak(TM)

Maglev Technology for Packaging & Material Handling

CINCINNATI, - Jacobs Automation is pleased to announce the release of the 2nd Generation of PackTrak which features reduced cost track sections.

Jacobs' recognizes the fact that economics and careful budgeting are integral to machine design. A typical PackTrak system simply doesn't need to have "intelligent" or integrated electronics throughout all track sections. There will be certain sections where a product is being re-circulated or "pushed" to the next station.
It is for this reason that Jacobs created Fixed Pitch or "dumb" track sections. Fixed Pitch track sections are used to transport or re-circulate a mover along defined segments of a PackTrak system.

With a significant cost advantage, Fixed Pitch track sections are driven with a rotary servo and belt mechanism. Feedback across the Fixed Pitch sections comes from the rotary servo drive.

As a rule-of-thumb, if you are designing a PackTrak system that spans more than 1.5 meters, plan to use half of the track sections as Fixed Pitch or "dumb". In addition, the vast majority of curves or turns in a PackTrak system are of Fixed Pitch design.

About PackTrak:

Jacobs Automation LLC is a leading automation technology provider, developing and manufacturing technology with groundbreaking speed, flexibility, and energy efficiency for the packaging and material handling industries.

The company's PackTrak(TM) product line saves money and reduces energy consumption by transforming today's hardware laden automation machinery into software-based, highly flexible digital machinery. Using maglev technology (propelling objects using magnetic fields), Packtrak eliminates a significant amount of hardware, the root cause for downtime, inflexibility and maintenance in a machine, replacing it with software-controlled, solid state components.

PackTrak provides independent, software control of multiple movers along a track in a production line, while greatly reducing the number of hardware components. This capability provides for increased flexibility and speed for the movement of products in packaging, converting and material handling processes, saving Jacobs' customers millions of dollars in annual costs.

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