Material Handling Cart holds parts for kitting operations.

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Suited for use in automotive and aerospace industries or where kitting operations are prevalent, modular Kitting Cart transports, organizes, stores, and inventories parts, tools, and supplies. Unit features four 20 x 48 in. height adjustable shelves for transporting collection of necessary parts to specific job site. Cart also incorporates series of hooks for suspending awkward-shaped parts and components, protecting high-finished parts from damage.

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New Kitting Cart Transports, Organizes, Stores & Inventories Parts, Tools, Supplies

Creform® Corporation (Greer, SC) has developed a new material handling concept that assists in transforming multi-part and component assembly tasks into organized and structured processes...helping to streamline operations for better efficiency and lower costs. Using the firm's adaptive Creform® System of plastic coated steel pipe, joints and accessories, Creform introduces the Kitting Cart-an ideally sized structure that performs as a push cart to safely transport parts. It can also serve as a portable tool crib to keep the tools within handy reach, as a temporary storage rack keeping kitted parts in correct orientation, and as a quick visual aid to determine part inventories, sequencing and importantly, when the cart is empty, to make sure all components were assembled.

The Kitting Cart is ideal for use in the automotive and aerospace industries, or where kitting operations are prevalent. Utilizing the cart allows material handling technicians to accurately fill logistical orders, and optimize time by assembly staff to focus on 'value-added' processes.

The Kitting Cart has construction features, handling capabilities, sizing and flexibility that makes it a perfect match for the needs of assembly operations in a variety of applications. The cart has four large-area, height adjustable shelves for transporting the collection of necessary parts to a specific job site, then temporarily holds the parts until required for assembly. With the integration of tool 'holsters' and compartments, the cart makes easy work of organizing the required implements, materials and supplies to complete jobs fast.

The new Kitting Cart also incorporates a series of hooks for suspending larger, awkward-shaped parts and components, a means to protect high-finished parts from damage.

The shelves each measure 20" x 48" and have a lattice-like pattern that provides ample strength with cart capacities available from 300 to 1000 pounds. The ventilated design helps to minimize the weight of the cart itself for easy transport. The shelves' height and spacing can be quickly adjusted, and provide for easy removal or reinstallation if projects dictate changes to spacing needs.

To further its maneuverability, the unit incorporates four large diameter swivel casters with two casters that have a locking element to stabilize the cart at work locations. In addition to the hooks for hanging parts and tool holsters, other available accessories include rubber bumper rings to protect from collisions, pegboard sections, clip-on bins for small parts and hardware items, a clipboard for instructions, notes, etc., and labeling protectors to help organize and identify components. Because of the modularity of the Creform system, only the items required for specific situations need be included, helping to streamline weight and costs.

As with all Creform System-built structures, the ease of integrating design modifications and the simplistic construction methods allows the 'standard' specifications of the Kitting Cart to be customized. Made in the U.S., the carts are available in an assortment of pipe colors that aids in identifying them by department, personnel or for specific uses. Creform offers the cart as a kit, with all components pre-fabricated, sized and packaged to individual customer specifications, and knocked down for economical shipping. Cart kits use Creform metal joints with one-tool clamping to the pipe sections to make assembly steps simple and fast.

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A sample of Creform® Corporation's new Kitting Cart-ideal for automotive, aerospace and other industries where kitting assembly is beneficial-provides ample shelving space, large part suspension, tool storage, and a host of available accessories to help transport, organize, store and safeguard components.

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