Masternaut Vehicle Tracking Sensor Averts Vehicle Brake Failure

LEEDS, England, - Brake failure on a van was averted using new technology from vehicle tracking company Masternaut. Patented contactless engine management technology (CANbus) developed by Masternaut recognised a fault in the vehicle's antilock braking system (ABS) and electronic power steering (EPS) and reported that both of these critical systems were displaying warning lights. This alerted the service engineer - who had been ignoring the warning lights - to the potential failure allowing the vehicle to be stopped and recovery arranged.

Masternaut's CANbus is unique in not needing an open FMS (fleet management standard) gateway, which retains the full vehicle manufacturer's warranty. The engine monitoring and diagnostic system sends information in real time to the Masternaut vehicle tracking system, alerting operators of faults or unusual driver and vehicle behaviour.

"This is a cautionary tale for fleet operators and shows that an investment in technology is worthwhile. Drivers often ignore warning lights assuming that these are simple electrical faults and have no bearing on the safety of the vehicle. We were able to prove that the Masternaut data was accurate and on further investigation we were able to show that these two faults had existed for some time. The addition of safety alerts and highly detailed reporting complements the vehicle tracking system, adding a further dimension in accuracy and intelligence," says Martin Port, MD of Masternaut.

In another incident a broken down tanker caused a two hour traffic jam due to brake and clutch failure. Had the vehicle been fitted with a CANbus linked to a vehicle tracking system, the depot would have been aware of the vehicle's faults before it was dispatched.

Modern vehicles are fitted with up to 70 electronic control units for various subsystems. The CANbus system relays this information through to the vehicle tracking system enabling the fleet management team monitor that all systems are functioning and maintaining safety of the driver and vehicle.

Masternaut also offers GreenerFleet, a service that enables fleet operators to reduce emissions and slashing fuel costs. GreenerFleet is instrumental in Masternaut's Drive for Life, which is the world's largest safe driving competition, with 70,000 drivers being tracked by Masternaut and assessed for their professional driving ability. The competition is supported by road safety charity Brake and IAM Drive & Survive, the professional training division of the Institute of Advanced Motorists.


Source: Masternaut UK


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