Master Lift Co. Introduces Grab Master

Master Lift Co. introduces a larger capacity lifting device to compliment their current line of light duty "Grab Master" lifting tongs.

The new model 1-X and 2-X tong will lift twice as much as other "Grab Master" tongs in production.

With safe lifting capacity now at 6000 pounds and easily adjustable from 20 inches up to 48 inches wide. This tool is designed for use with an overhead crane. As the crane hook raises vertically the scissors action closes on the outside diameter of the part to be lifted. Increasing the pinching action until the resistance is over come hence lifting the item. Effective applications include loading directly onto machines or trucks without the use of magnets, slings, and eyebolts. This tool will grab and hold ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Stack parts without need for separators. Requires no electrical power.

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Cliff Olivero
Master Lift Co.

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