Master Control Panel supports loading dock operations.

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Capable of operating entire loading dock system from one location, Blue Genius™ Platinum Series Master Control Panel includes LCD menu screen that provides equipment status as well as clear instructions for operating and troubleshooting. Interior and exterior LED light system displays safety signals, while rotary disconnect cuts power for servicing and maintenance. Housed in corrosion-resistant, NEMA 4X-rated polycarbonate enclosure, panel operates in wash-down zones and outdoor locations.

Original Press Release:

The Blue Genius(TM) Platinum Series Master Control Panel: A Single Source Solution for Dock Operations

Brampton, ON, Canada  – When the Blue Genius™ Gold Series Touch Control Panel appeared on the market in 2009, it revolutionized dock equipment operation. Now Blue Giant has launched a premium-level Blue Genius™ that incorporates all of the powerful features of the Gold Series, but with expanded equipment functionality.

“The Blue Genius™ Platinum Series Master Control Panel operates an entire loading dock system from one convenient location,” says Jeff Miller, Blue Giant’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. “By integrating the controls for all standard dock equipment, it improves efficiency, safety, and productivity while reducing electrical costs and optimizing wall space.”

The Master Control Panel operates the following dock equipment:

  • Dock leveler

  • Vehicle restraint

  • Overhead door

  • Dock light

  • Inflatable seal

The sequence of equipment operation is structured and optimized to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. An LCD menu screen (which supports multi-lingual display) provides ongoing equipment status as well as clear and detailed instructions for operating and troubleshooting. Safety signals are displayed by an interior and exterior LED lights communication system. A rotary disconnect cuts power to the unit for routine servicing and maintenance. Step-down transformers and duplex receptacles (up to 15AMP) are available for customized installs.

The panel’s NEMA4X-rated polycarbonate enclosure is wet and corrosion-resistant, ensuring seamless operation in the wash-down zone and outdoor locations as well as facilities high in condensation or moisture levels. The Master Control Panel is also compatible with operations that must adhere to the FDA’s high cleaning standards, such as pharmaceutical and chemical handling locations.

According to Gerard Biasutto, Blue Giant’s Director of Technical Development, the Master Control Panel’s microprocessor-based design allows the unit to be upgraded at the software level. “With most dock controls, you have to replace the entire box if you want to add equipment or change functionality, which results in expensive downtime,” he says. “With the Master Control Panel, the entire process is as simple as a software upgrade. Your new equipment configuration is ready for use within minutes.”

“By simplifying equipment operation, lowering energy costs, and even improving dock aesthetics, the Master Control Panel is a loading dock asset on multiple levels,” Jeff Miller confirms.

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