Master Chemical Corporation's TRIM® C350 Considered The "Holy Grail" of Coolants

Premium Synthetic TRIM C350 comes close to hitting the "unreachable mark" of tapping and drilling like a soluble coolant while staying clear with the sump life of a synthetic.

Perrysburg, Ohio, April 18, 2008-Master Chemical Corporation's premium synthetic coolant, TRIM® C350 is developing a reputation for excellence. According to Master Chemical Service Engineer, Mike Hoegerl, the synthetic coolant comes close to being the "Holy Grail" of coolants.

"I have always said that 'The Holy Grail' of coolants is one that can tap and drill as well as a soluble but stay clear and have sump life like a synthetic," he
said. "TRIM C350 comes the closest of any of the coolants I've seen to meeting that 'unreachable mark' and doesn't leave a sticky residue," he stated. Independent testing has shown that TRIM C350 has more than 100 times less residue than its competitors. TRIM C350 has been designed to reduce residual stress on machined parts while preventing corrosion, stain, and residues. Residue can have a significant impact on tooling, jig and fixture set up, scrap rates, and machine cleanliness.

C350 is the latest in a long line of TRIM® coolants specially designed for aluminum machining. It uses proprietary synthetic ester technology and achieves remarkable machining performance, producing very high levels of usable lubricity at the point of cut-without the use of conventional sulphur or chlorine-based EP additives. C350 is pH neutral, and provides superior corrosion and stain resistance on even the most sensitive alloys. "TRIM C350 was developed by targeting industry leading synthetic fluids and overcoming the complaints often associated with synthetics on aluminum," said Vice President - Research and Development, Dr. Michael Weismiller. "Master Chemical's extensive internal and external laboratory tests and field performance trials have verified this product is truly the new industry leading synthetic for aluminum machining," he added. According to Dr. Weismiller, C350 runs clean and clear while delivering the performance of heavy-duty soluble oils in a more environmentally friendly formula. C350 complies with the most stringent global environmental restrictions including PRTR, and contains no: chlorine or sulfur based EP additives, petroleum oil, NPEs, silicone, nitrides, phenols, copper, triazine, or formaldehyde releasing chemistry. The synthetic coolant is recyclable.

Dr. Weismiller also pointed out that Master Chemical is one of the few metalworking suppliers routinely employing an outside laboratory to do intensive third-party health and safety testing on its products. For more than 50 years, Master Chemical has emphasized the importance of operator safety by pioneering toxicological evaluations of metalworking fluids. "Even though we are not required by law to do so, we continue to lead the industry by utilizing independent laboratories to evaluate our final formula. We prefer testing instead of relying on individual component toxicological data that may not reflect the true safety profile of the finished product," stated Dr. Weismiller.

TRIM C350 has been evaluated by two independent toxicological laboratories for toxicity and irritation potential. Both laboratories confirmed the formula is safe for operator contact. A summary of these independent results are available in Section 11 of the MSDS. TRIM C350, because of its nearly neutral pH and careful formulation, achieved exceptional results and is judged to be very safe to use, both as a working solution and as concentrate.

"TRIM C350 has major advantages for aluminum machining shops," said Global
Marketing Manager, Dave Barned. "One of them is its clean, clear solution," he said. According to Mr. Barned, TRIM C350 has undergone independent testing and has outperformed chlorinated soluble oils. "C350 is low odor, low-misting, and contains no petroleum. Field testing has proven that it is low foaming in all water conditions," he added. Mr. Barned also stated that independent testing has proven that C350 has better ferrous corrosion protection than its competitors. Although C350 is designed for nonferrous applications, jigs, fixtures, and machinery are often ferrous based. Tests show that C350 has improved lubricity over its competitors. Improved lubricity relates to improved tool life, superior surface finish, and reduced scrap rates. "C350 is 'green' and environmentally friendly," said Dave Barned. "It provides very high levels of usable lubricity at the point of cut, yet it is safe for people and the planet," he stated.

Another benefit, according to North America Sales Manager, John Jackowski, is the length of time the product lasts in the sump. C350 has a much better score on both the Bacteria and Fungus in laboratory tests than its competitors. Lower scores indicate increased sump life for the customer. "C350 runs clean and inhibits microbial growth with a lot less operator maintenance. It lasts a very long time in the sump with low carryoff, which makes it a great cost savings for the manufacturer." C350 has been formulated to exceed the performance of competitive products while running at lower concentrations. This offers the benefit of reducing concentrate purchases and haul-away costs. A study with one of Master Chemical's sites shows the potential for up to a 40% reduction in coolant-related expenses.

TRIM C350 is available in a range of sizes including one-gallon containers sold by the case, five-gallon pails, 54-gallon drums, 270-gallon recyclable bins, 350-gallon returnable bins, and tank wagon lots. The product is also available in metric containers for Europe and Asia. Visit
to learn more about TRIM C350 or call 419-874-7902.

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