Mass Flow Controllers serve semiconductor, LED applications.

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High-purity GF101 as well as ultra high-purity GF121 and GF126 deliver accuracy and response time suited for gas flow control in semiconductor and LED manufacturing processes. Designed for process applications that include high-flow purge, epitaxial, and blanket gas control, these controllers provide flow rates up to 300 slpm N2 equivalent. Multiple digital and analog I/O interface options support various communication protocols, and readout screens rotate 180° to facilitate viewing.

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Brooks Instrument Extends GF100 Series of Mass Flow Controllers with New High-Flow Products for Semiconductor and LED Tools

HATFIELD, Pa. — Brooks Instrument, a world-leading provider of advanced flow, pressure, vacuum, level and vapor delivery solutions, has expanded its GF100 Series family of thermal mass flow meters and mass flow controllers (MFM/MFC) with three new products that offer higher flow, improved accuracy and a faster response time for gas flow control in semiconductor and LED manufacturing processes.

The new Brooks GF101, GF121 and GF126 MFCs provide flow rates up to 300 slpm (standard liters per minute) N2 equivalent and are designed explicitly for process applications that include high-flow purge, epitaxial and blanket gas control.

With its new product extension, Brooks now offers a full range of mass flow measurement and control products specifically intended to help standardize fab-wide and foundry-wide semiconductor and LED processes. This line extension addresses key concerns of many process engineers, such as the need for common, consistent and repeatable performance characteristics across a tool. Ultimately, this helps contribute to achieving reproducible results from MFC to MFC, as well as standardizing maintenance and servicing.

Building on the industry-leading specifications for purity standards, accuracy, response time and reliability established by the GF100 Series, all three new Brooks MFCs feature a compact, space-saving footprint and low power draw that enables the design of smaller, more efficient tools.

The GF101, GF121 and GF126 also feature multiple digital and analog I/O interface options to support the broadest range of communication protocols, making them an ideal upgrade choice for older generation mass flow products. For ease of use, the new MFCs also feature a rotatable display that allows the readout screens to be rotated 180 degrees, for easier viewing and installation configurations.

The three new Brooks GF100 Series products include:

• GF101 High-Purity Mass Flow Controller: The GF101 is the high-flow version of the Brooks GF100 and features an all-metal seal flow path for durability and high leak integrity, as well as stable flow control and fast, sub-1 second settling times to help reduce non-productive tool time. It supports flow rates up to 300 slpm N2 equivalent.

• GF121 Ultra-High Purity Mass Flow Controller: To expand system design options, the GF121 mass flow controller provides a compact controller option with flow rates up to 300 slpm N2 equivalent for process applications requiring ultra-high purity gas delivery. It provides the same compact footprint and all-metal seal flow path for durability and high leak integrity as the rest of the GF100 MFC Series.

• GF126 Ultra-High Purity PTI Mass Flow Controller: The Brooks GF126 Pressure Transient Insensitive (PTI) mass flow controller builds on the earlier GF125 PTI model and is designed for process applications requiring high flow rates up to 300 slpm N2 equivalent and ultra-high purity in a compact device. The GF126 utilizes a Brooks proprietary control algorithm that maintains stable flow, combining the functionality of up to four independent devices (regulator, pressure transducer, temperature sensor, and MFC) into a single, compact, high-performance device.

The release of these high-flow MFCs replaces legacy Celerity devices such as IntelliFlow™ 3XP High-Flow, Unit 3100 Unit 3161 and Unit 3165; these are devices which Brooks Instrument has been offering and supporting since acquiring certain assets of Celerity’s Instrumentation division in 2009.

For more information and complete technical specifications for Brooks Instrument’s newest GF100 Series high-flow devices, download the product data sheet in the specifications and documentation tab.

About Brooks Instrument

Brooks Instrument LLC, based in Pennsylvania, is a multi-technology instrumentation company serving a range of demanding markets. The Company has a proven history of innovation, including the original commercial design that set the standard for today’s thermal mass flow controllers, the first high-performance digital mass flow controller, the first gas and range programmable thermal mass flow controller (MultiFlo™), the first watertight and explosion-proof thermal mass flow controller (Mf Series), the first thermal mass flow controller with Foundation Fieldbus (SLA Series) and the first variable area meter with Foundation Fieldbus (MT3809 & MT3750). Today, Brooks Instrument’s portfolio includes glass and metal tube variable area meters (rotameters), thermal mass flow controllers and meters from ultra-high purity to industrial grade, Coriolis mass flow controller (Quantim), vacuum measurement and pressure control products, direct liquid injection vapor delivery systems, magnetic level instruments, and a variety of flow accessories. The Company also owns Key Instruments, which offers precision machined acrylic flow meters, molded plastic flow meters, glass tube flow meters, and flow control valves. Brooks Instrument has manufacturing locations, sales, and service offices in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. For more information on flow solutions, products, or sales contacts please visit Also visit us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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