Maskless Lithography System offer resolutions to 1 micron.

Press Release Summary:

Available with optimized optics and precision stages, SF-100 XCEL (5 micron resolution) and SF-100 XPRESS (1 micron resolution) are based on maskless photolithography technology that utilizes Smart Filter technology. Latter incorporates micro-optical techniques to project master images directly onto silicon wafers; diverse substrate materials - quartz, ceramics, metals and plastics; and photomask blanks without use of photomasks.

Original Press Release:

Intelligent Micro Patterning Announces Significant Improvement to SF-100 Products

Intelligent Micro Patterning, LLC, St. Petersburg, Florida, announced significant improvments to it's SF-100 product line, especially for the simpler systems, the SF-100 XCEL and SF-100 XPRESS. These improvements include the availability of higher resolution optics and high precision stages for each of the systems. All of the company's SF-100 products are based on a unique, maskless photolithography technology that utilizes patented Smart Filter technology, exclusively licensed by Intelligent Micro Patterning, LLC from the University of South Florida. Smart Filter technology incorporates proprietary, cutting-edge, micro-optical techniques to rapidly project master images directly onto silicon wafers, diverse substrate materials, such as quartz, ceramics, metals and plastics, and photomask blanks, without the use of photomasks.

Dr. Jay Sasserath, the Company's Chief Executive Officer, stated, "These changes are very significant to customers who do not have large budgets. With the changes, we are now able to offer more advanced systems to customers at a lower price. We are able to accomplish these changes by working closely with our vendors to deliver products that our customers have been requesting. With this difficult economy and limited R&D budgets, we know that any moves we make to delivery more capability for a lower price will be well received. Additionally, initial placements of the new products have been well accepted and are running at customer sites today."

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