Martin Engineering Improves Blade Design for MARTIN® QC(TM) No.1 Heavy-Duty Pre-Cleaner

August 16, 2006--(NEPONSET, IL) To improve cleaning performance throughout blade life, Martin Engineering has improved the design of the urethane blade used with the MARTIN® QC(TM) #1 Heavy-Duty Pre-Cleaner with a new "beefier" profile.

The new design for the MARTIN® QC(TM) #1 Heavy-Duty Pre-Cleaner Blade also provides a more aggressive angle against the belt to improve cleaning performance.

The sturdy new blade design is more rigid so it resists blade-against-belt cleaning pressures more than twice as efficiently. The new design features an increase of more than 25% in wearable urethane, to extend wear life.

The "beefy" new blade design still features Martin Engineering's patented "CARP" Constant Angle/Constant Area Radial Pressure" blade design, which maintains cleaning performance across all stages of blade life.

The new blades will fit on existing MARTIN® QC(TM) #1 Heavy-Duty Pre-Cleaner installations without requiring modification.

The MARTIN® QC(TM) #1 Heavy-Duty Pre-Cleaner features one-pin blade maintenance, allowing a worn blade to be replaced by removing a single pin.

For more information on the MARTIN® QC(TM) #1 Heavy-Duty Pre-Cleaner and other MARTIN® Belt Cleaning Systems, contact your Martin Engineering representative, or visit the Belt Cleaner section of Martin Engineering's web site:

Founded in 1944, Martin Engineering is a world leader in making bulk materials handling cleaner, safer, and more productive. Headquartered in Neponset, Illinois, the company has operations in Marine City, Michigan; Butler, Pennsylvania; and Kirkland, Washington, as well as Germany, France, United Kingdom, China, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, and South Africa. MARTIN® Products are also available from authorized representatives around the world.

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