MarShield Builds Its First Custom Fabricated Lead-Lined Nuclear Densometer Steel Storage Box

(A nuclear densometer is a field instrument used in geotechnical engineering to determine the density of a compacted material.)

MarShield built this box to customized specs.

· Internal Box Size: 32" long x 20" wide x 20" high

· Lead lined with 3/32" lead in all sides and lid fully encapsulated with no exposed lead

Featuring a lift assisted single gas strut fitted to the box to open and close the heavy lid effortlessly.

Box incorporates a lockable lid and is fully painted.

About Marshield

MarShield(TM) known for its expertise in Custom Radiation Protection, Shielding and Storage is an experienced and widely proven partner for corporations, institutions, the military and government seeking a full-service provider of radiation protection solutions.

Since 1979, MarShield(TM) lead radiation protection, storage and shielding products have brought value to various commercial markets including nuclear, medical, veterinary, and dental as well as institutions and government bodies engaged in scientific research through to military operations and national defense. Today MarShield(TM) services clients in the USA, Canada and targeted international markets worldwide.

When success must be absolutely assured, people trust MarShield(TM) to provide guaranteed optimal lead radiation protection in every product we manufacture.
For more information please contact;

Dave Holden:

4140 Morris Drive, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, L7L 5L6

Telephone 905-637-3862

Facsimile: 905-637-8841

Continental Toll Free: 1-800-381-5335

International: +1-905-637-3862

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