Marsh Multi-Mag Insertion Style Flow Meter Simplifies Installation to Reduce Cost

Ideal for Municipal or Industrial Water Treatment

Hemet, CA-Jun 15, 2009-With a next-generation multi-electrode sensor packaged in an insertion style configuration suitable for hot-tap installation, the precision Marsh Multi-Mag® Flow Meter from McCrometer eliminates the costly cut-and-splice operations and system shutdowns required with full-bore meters--while at the same time fitting in tight, crowded equipment areas with limited pipe straight-run availability.

The Marsh Multi-Mag(TM) Flow Meter is the only multiple point insertable Flow Meter on the market today. It is particularly cost-effective for large line-size applications. In comparison, the total installed cost of tube meters increases dramatically as the nominal pipe diameter increases due greater materials costs and more complex installation. This makes it a lower cost solution in most large transmission line applications.

The Multi-Mag's advanced streamline multi-electrode sensor design compensates for real world variable water flow profiles, including low-flow conditions. Multiple electrodes located across the Multi-Mag's entire sensor body continuously measure and indicate the average flow rate. It is highly accurate, repeatable and stable with virtually no drift that requires field recalibration. There's almost no pressure-drop either, which reduces plant pump energy requirements.

The Multi-Mag fits in crowded installations with too much equipment and too little plant real estate. There's no need for long upstream or downstream straight pipe runs to support accurate measurement. Hot tap installation also allows the Multi-Mag to be easily removed and installed in other locations to support trouble-shooting or temporary measurement needs.

The Multi-Mag is available for service in line sizes from 4 to 120 inches, providing bi-directional or forward flow only depending on the specific model. Accuracy is ±1% of reading ± zero stability from +0.3 to +20 ft/s, and repeatability is 0.20% of range. The Multi-Mag's highly stable flow sensor comes pre-calibrated from the factory and requires virtually no recalibration.

With no moving parts, the Multi-Mag's multi-electrode sensor contains nothing to wear or break, and it is generally immune to clogging by sand, grit or other debris. The Multi-Mag is built to demanding industrial standards with heavy-duty materials for a long life. There's virtually no maintenance required and when coupled with its long-life, the cost of ownership is exceptionally economical.

The Multi-Mag supports liquid flow measurement requirements in municipal and industrial water treatment. Typical applications include: distribution, effluent, filter balancing and backwash, pumping stations, and UV dosing. It is ideal for district energy facilities in cooling water, chilled water and HVAC applications, as well as numerous processes found in food/beverage, electric power generation, chemical processing and pulp/paper plants.

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