Marking Stylus extends tool life with diamond tip.

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Suited for 2D, pin, and peen marking systems, DiaMark(TM) diamond-tipped stylus is available in all diameters and lengths for any marking machine, and provides 100 times the service life of carbide tools. Standard diameters are up to 5/8 in. and standard lengths are up to 6 in. Applications include aerospace and defense, automotive, and medical industries, or anywhere permanent marking is utilized.

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New 2D, Pin and Peen Marking Stylus Extends Tool Life by up to 100 Times

Cleveland, OH: E.C. Kitzel & Sons, Inc., a global manufacturer of diamond-tipped tools since 1927, has introduced a new stylus for 2D, pin, and peen marking systems that offers up to 100 times the service life of carbide tools.

The new DiaMark(TM) diamond-tipped stylus was originally developed for marking jet engine parts. In a lab study, carbide tools were capable of making 50-75 marks before replacement. The new DiaMark stylus produced 6-8,000 marks before requiring replacement.

While increasing tool life by up to 100 times, the DiaMark stylus costs only about three times as much as carbide tools and therefore produces markings at much lower costs per mark.

Tom Schumann states that, "The DiaMark stylus offers longer tool life, fewer marking rejects, cleaner marks with higher contrast, less downtime for tool changes, lower costs per mark, and more accurate marking reads." In addition, less force is required to obtain marking depth, reducing wear on the marking machine. The characteristics of diamond tips also makes it easier to detect tool wear quickly, permitting a tool change before degrading of the marks takes place. Using carbide tooling, it is difficult to detect tool wear before unacceptable marks cause rejections.

The DiaMark stylus is available in all diameters and lengths and can be provided for any marking system machine. Standard diameters are up to 5/8" and lengths to 6", but any size or design can be produced.

Produced using a patented diamond orientation technology licensed form Pratt & Whitney, the DiaMark is suitable for use in most appropriate marking applications, including aerospace and defense, automotive, medical products and instruments, machinery and components, metal containers, assembly applications, warehousing, transportation and other applications where permanent marking is utilized.

For more information, contact E.C. Kitzel & Sons, Inc., 4775 Manufacturing Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44135. Tel: 216-267-6850 or 800-227-0431, Fax: 216-267-6714. E-mail: Web site:

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