Marketing Solution analyzes consumer's brand decision making.

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In addition to predicting return on investment, Eyeopener(TM) Brand Decision Analyzer can model how customers and prospects make brand decisions, provide competitive brand scorecards, and identify key drivers of brand preference. Users can assess brand positioning and brand architecture options, as well as simulate likely impact on client's business of changes in perception, in advance of implementation.

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Siegel+Gale Introduces Eyeopener(TM) Brand Decision Analyzer

Invaluable New Research Tool Helps Companies Make Real-Time Brand Decisions and Reliably Predict Results

Predicts Return on Brand Investment ... Simply, Quickly, and Efficiently

NEW YORK, Feb. 7 /-- Siegel+Gale, one of the world's premier strategic branding companies, launched its Eyeopener(TM) Brand Decision Analyzer research tool at THE Conference on Marketing in Naples, Florida, this week.

"In theory, calculating the return on brand investment is a very straightforward exercise, but in practice, not one of the many tools available to marketers today helps them evaluate consumer behavior, reliably predict customer choice, and make valuable, real-time brand decisions," said Alan Siegel, Chairman and CEO of Siegel+Gale.

"Eyeopener(TM) is dramatically better than any of the other research methods out there," Mr. Siegel noted. "And it works in a quick, startlingly simple, cost-effective way."

Clients who have used Eyeopener(TM) echo this sentiment. Rich Carvill, Corporate Brand Manager at Gates Corporation, a leading North American manufacturer of automotive and industrial systems, said, "The customer insights we revealed with the Eyeopener(TM) research program will be invaluable to our brand strategy initiative. The process is not as time-consuming as other methods out there and the results are accurate."

Dr. Rolf Wulfsberg, Director of Research at Siegel+Gale and a long-standing innovator in the field of survey research, designed Eyeopener(TM) to "help clients understand their customers on a deeper level than is possible with the brand research methods that are currently available.

"Instead of relying solely on consumer interviews and perceptual ratings, Eyeopener(TM) analyzes the rational and emotional components of a consumer's decision-making process with uncanny accuracy. Then it provides prescriptive direction that helps clients take quick action in order to maximize the power and effectiveness of their brand decisions."

Mr. Carvill endorsed the value of using Eyeopener(TM), noting that "our new brand positioning factors in those unconscious motives that drive brand choice ... not just what customers told us. And Eyeopener(TM) enabled us to predict different scenarios prior to committing to costly marketing initiatives."

"At the end of the day," Dr. Wulfsberg said, "Eyeopener(TM) enables companies to take the winning position in a cost-conscious, cluttered field. ROI has been a buzz-word in our industry for years. Eyeopener(TM) finally delivers on the promise."

In addition to predicting ROI, clients will be able to use Eyeopener(TM) to:
o Model how customers and prospects make brand decisions
o Provide competitive brand scorecards (perceptions of client and competitor brands)
o Identify key drivers of brand preference
o Assess brand positioning and brand architecture options
o Simulate likely impact on a client's business of changes in perception, in advance of implementation

"We developed this product because there was a real lack of clarity regarding not just what criteria consumers use to choose a brand, but also the environmental factors that affect their decisions," said Dr. Wulfsberg. "Eyeopener(TM) dissects the decision-making process and uncovers individual consumers' internal 'scorecards,' to be sure the solutions to branding problems are both relevant and effective."

In closing, Mr. Siegel said that "Eyeopener(TM) is the next generation of research to help clients make actionable, real-time brand decisions and accurately predict the return on their brand investments. It's quick, it's easy to understand, and it's cost effective -- just what every brand manager is looking for in today's environment."

About Siegel+Gale
Siegel+Gale is one of the world's premier strategic branding companies. Since it was founded by Alan Siegel in 1969, the firm has applied the art and science of simplicity to create branding programs that have helped many of the world's best-known organizations excel. Driven by its philosophy of "Simple is Smart," Siegel+Gale has led the way in bringing innovation to the corporate branding field, including transforming complex, incomprehensible customer communications into plain English; helping clients create distinctive brand voices across all their communications; transporting brands onto the Internet; and aligning the brand experience for customers with the brand promise.

The firm has worked with an array of blue chip organizations, including American Express, Bayer, Lehman Brothers, Medtronic, Dell, Harley-Davidson, Lexus, Merrill Lynch, Yahoo!, Caterpillar, Sony, Motorola, the National Basketball Association, 3M, Dow, and The Four Seasons Hotel Group. Siegel+Gale has full-service offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Dubai and strategic partnerships around the world. It is part of the Omnicom Group Inc. (, a leading global marketing and corporate communications company. Omnicom's branded networks and numerous specialty firms provide advertising, strategic media planning and buying, direct and promotional marketing, public relations, and other specialty communications services to over 5,000 clients in more than 100 countries.

For more information on Eyeopener(TM) technology, or to speak with Siegel+Gale experts, please contact Davia Temin of Temin and Company at 212-588-8788 or

Eyeopener(TM) is a trademark of Siegel+Gale.

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