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Enabling personalized experience for customers to receive specific content upon request, Unicast 3D Advertising Widget allows one-to-one direct marketing relationship between users and their brands. It can be optionally downloaded as 3D object from Premium Rich Media banner ad on Web, and allows transmission of video and other content directly onto desktop of Widget customers. Software has bandwidth to serve unlimited volume of Unicast PRM including large video formats.

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Unicast Unveils Premium Rich Media 3D Ad Widget

Leading Widget Technology Enables Enhanced Visual and Interactive Experience for Marketers and Customers

NEW YORK, Dec. 12 -- Viewpoint (NASDAQ:VWPT), a leading Internet marketing technology company, today announced the launch of the Unicast 3D Advertising Widget. The new Ad Widget is a client-side application that provides a unique interactive communication channel and enables a one-to-one direct marketing relationship between users and their favorite brands. The Ad Widget can be optionally downloaded as a 3D object from a Premium Rich Media banner ad on the Web, and will allow the transmission of video and other content directly onto the desktop of Widget customers. Unicast 3D Ad Widgets are the latest addition to the leading Unicast Premium Rich Media (PRM) suite of digital products that leverage technology to provide a better branding experience for marketers across the Web.

The Unicast Widget application is powered by the Unicast Widget Manager, which is a local engine for the delivery, installation, and management of widgets. Within the Widget Manager, the content producer identifies and registers content which is then assembled and customized for the end user. This allows the marketer to dynamically update and swap out content to make it relevant to the user. Once the widgets are loaded and active, the consumer can respond to visual cues of products, which enables a fluid dialogue between the marketer and the consumer. As a result, the user receives a highly customized visual experience and the marketer has a simple, efficient tool to reach the end-user with personalized messaging and special offers.

"This new widget application is another example of how we continue to build upon our technology to enter emerging markets with creative Web marketing tools that have profound impact on the industry landscape," said Patrick Vogt, CEO of Viewpoint. "Our heritage in 3D technology sets us apart from our competitors, as we can offer a much stronger visual experience for both marketers and consumers. The ad widget is also stylistically flexible. Our 3D technology provides the capability to build widgets in any form factor, so that the widget itself can take the form of the company's mark, logo or brand icon. We are taking this new visual creativity to new levels in order to create a richer, more brand specific experience for both marketers and their customers."

The Unicast 3D Advertising Widget offers the following features and benefits to marketers:

o Personalization - The widget application enables a personalized
experience for customers to receive specific content upon request. This
content can include videos, product information, special offers, sneak
previews, and alert functionality. Widgets make it easier for marketers
to connect with consumers to offer more customized and valuable
experience with their brand.
o Branding - The 3D widget provides a persistent brand presence on
thousands of desktops for users who have opted in to receive new
offers. The 3D Widget technology allows for a one-to-one relationship
which gives marketers the opportunity to better service their customers
and enhance their brand reputation.
o Simplicity - Marketers integrate a branded Unicast 3D Ad Widget into
their online premium rich media banners and then users can simply
download the application to their desktop to begin receiving
communications based on their preferred interests.
o Robust technology - The Unicast Widget has the bandwidth to serve an
unlimited volume of Unicast PRM, including large video formats and
truly interactive 3D content.

"With the introduction of the 3D Ad Widget, Unicast once again offers Internet marketing tools that have profound improvements in functionality, design and performance over what is currently out there in the Widget space," continued Mr. Vogt. "Our latest technology is an excellent fit across many industries, providing a truly personalized experience for segments as diverse as entertainment, professional sports, financial, luxury goods, political and retail segments. This 3D Ad Widget has the potential to greatly enhance the digital strategy of any company that markets or sells on the Web, and we already have customers planning to use this technology in 2008."


Viewpoint is a leading Internet marketing technology company, offering Internet marketing and online advertising solutions through a powerful combination of proprietary visualization technology and expertise in the creation, delivery and reporting of Premium Rich Media (PRM). Viewpoint's family of brands includes Unicast, the Online Advertising and Technology Group, and Springbox, the Digital Marketing Solutions Group. Viewpoint's technology and online advertising solutions are behind the online presence of some of the world's most esteemed brands, including AOL, GE, Sony, and Toyota. More information on Viewpoint can be found at

The company has approximately 140 employees with offices in New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Austin, TX and London, England.

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