Marketing Software helps monetize ecommerce site traffic.

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Merchant AdManager supports advertising on transactional websites and is suited for ecommerce businesses looking to monetize all traffic. Configurable product handles wide variety of on-site media models. It includes self-service advertiser interface that includes option of CPC or CPM bid-based pricing. Program is designed for businesses such as online retailers, comparison shopping engines, or any online marketplace.

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HookLogic Announces New Merchant AdManager for Safely Monetizing E-Commerce Site Traffic

NEW YORK, July 22 / / - HookLogic, Inc., a web-based software provider of incentive management technology for e-commerce clients announced its release of a new product designed to support advertising on transactional websites. The product, called Merchant AdManager, was created specifically for e-commerce businesses looking to monetize all of their traffic - not just the small portion that make a purchase.

Merchant AdManager works as a digital version of the end-cap displays and premium shelf space found in grocery stores and big box retailers. With this product, online retailers, comparison shopping engines or any online marketplace that previously only made money from the small percentage of customers who complete a purchase can now monetize the browsers as well by allowing suppliers to pay for increased visibility.

HookLogic developed this product in 2007 in collaboration with a beta client interested in creating a 'walled-garden' style ad network, enabling its own suppliers to bid for premium placement within sort order. Based on the runaway success of that program, HookLogic has further developed Merchant AdManager into a fully configurable product, with the flexibility to handle a wide variety of on-site media models.

"As we experienced success with our beta client's program, we started to see a growing interest among transactional sites to find ways of safely introducing media revenue," Jonathan Opdyke, HookLogic CEO explains. "With the intelligence built into our software to promote ad relevance to the shopper and protect conversion rates, we knew we had the right solution to meet this demand."

The software includes many features that keep an e-commerce business's needs in mind. For example, a self-service advertiser interface that includes the option of CPC or CPM bid-based pricing minimizes the need to invest in a sales force, letting the retailer focus on its core merchandising business.

Mark Kalus, Product Director for Merchant AdManager comments, "The key is allowing suppliers to pay for premium placement in the shopping path, gaining valuable exposure to the customers, while adhering to strict relevance rules and upholding the user experience. No retailer should consider introducing media that could damage the customer experience and put transactional revenue at risk." He added, "Our initial rollout for each client involves rigorous testing to ensure key metrics such as conversion rate and average order value remain unaffected by the introduction of new sponsored content."

About HookLogic: HookLogic provides innovative web-based software for growing transactional and advertising revenue to clients in a variety of industries. HookLogic Incentive Manager is a unique plug-in technology that streamlines promotion management to increase conversion rate and average order volume. It is the only complete solution for the targeted delivery, management, testing, measurement, and fulfillment of customer incentives and promotional messaging across marketing channels. HookLogic Merchant AdManager enables new ground-breaking media models for e-commerce websites to monetize site traffic while supporting core transactional revenue. It allows retailers and marketplaces to invite suppliers, manufacturers and 3rd parties to pay or bid for premium placements and sort order - virtual end-caps - in a private advertising network, with ads linking in-site to drive sales. For more information about HookLogic, please visit

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