Marketing Program targets those near contractor work.

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Designed to help residential contractors, Automated Jobsite Radius Marketing Portal can launch as few as 50 mail pieces to closest neighbors of recent jobsites with under 12 sec of effort. Program requires initial mail piece design and setup, performed by SmartleadsUSA design team, which is available 24/7 to contractor for sending to targeted areas. Once mail is processed and delivered, names that were mailed are accessible through password-protected system for reference.

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SmartleadsUSA, LLC Announces the Release of Its Automated Jobsite Radius Marketing Portal for Residential Contractors

Highly targeted direct mail campaigns no longer cumbersome even in the smallest of quantities.

Palm Harbor, FL May 11 -- SmartleadsUSA, LLC has developed an automated radius marketing program for residential contractors. The system can launch as few as 50 mail pieces to the closest neighbors of a contractors jobsite with less than 12 seconds of effort.

Powered by Smartmix Technology®, the program simply requires an initial mail piece design and set up that is performed by SmartleadsUSA's design team, then once the piece or multiple pieces are loaded in the system, the contractor has access to send them out to small targeted areas 24 hours a day, 7-days a week.

Once artwork is approved, the contractor simply enters a username and password. Once directed to the site, they simply enter the address of their most previous residential customer, chose their pre-designed mail piece and hit the submit button. From there, Smartleads codes the property address that was entered, has an algorhythm that gathers the name and address of the 50 closest homeowners, and mails that piece without any further intervention from the contractor. Once the mail is processed and delivered, the names that were mailed are accessible through the system for the contractor to reference.

"We have been met with open arms in our beta rollout and are officially making the program available nationally" says Brad Kent CEO of SmartleadsUSA. It gives the residential contractor and many other neighborhood marketers the ability to hit a neighborhood hard and with a message to those most in need of the same type of products or services just purchased by a neighbor. "Our HVAC and roofing contractors love it because most homes were built during the same time period, " says Kent. "The fact that a neighbor is having problems with a component of their home often signifies that other similar needs in the neighborhood will arise very soon." The radius marketing system enables a contractor to get the word out with very little effort and with great affordability as compared to traditional methods.

An average mail campaign including full color printing, the list and postage costs less than $40 says Kent. The company has assisted 1006 companies with radius marketing in their beta release and are now launching a national marketing campaign to grow its user base. The company makes use of digital finishing equipment, which allows each mail piece to include high levels of customization. "In fact, we often reference the street name or address of the neighbor where a job was recently completed right in the mail piece," says Kent.

This type of customized marketing can significantly increase response rates and produce much higher return on investment than traditional forms of direct mail according to neighborhood marketing expert Tom Feltenstein. Feltenstein a former McDonalds marketing executive and disciple of founder Ray Kroc has authored numerous books on the subject of neighborhood marketing and is a proponent of the radius marketing system. The system is available to demo at

About SmartleadsUSA, LLC

Founded in 1997 and currently serves thousands of clients in the residential contractor, mortgage and restaurant industries. SmartleadsUSA is a specialty neighborhood marketing company that uses a patent pending technology to serve niche direct mail marketing opportunities for its clients.

Brad Kent

Company Information:
Name: SmartleadsUSA, LLC
Address: 3535 ALT 19, Suite A
City: Palm Harbor
State: FL
Zip: 34683
Fax: 727-726-7347
Phone: 727-785-0766

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