Marker Band Swaging Equipment uses flexures to guide motion.

Press Release Summary:

Swaging equipment utilizes one-piece, segmented die plate and closer plate. Its range of motion allows several die segments to be accurately integrated into one piece of metal. Die cavity geometry increases swaging accuracy, while overall wear is reduced between parts of die mechanism. Clean operating, mechanism has no sliding or rolling parts that require lubrication. Unit also offers automatic and accurate band longitudinal positioning.

Original Press Release:

Machine Solutions Inc. Announces the Launch of New Product Line - Marker Band Swaging Equipment

Flagstaff, AZ USA, October 8, 2002 - Machine Solutions Inc.:

Machine Solutions Inc. (MSI) announced today the launch of a new, innovative product group, Marker Band Swaging Equipment that utilizes the principles of the patent pending MSI segmental compression mechanism. The product will be launched domestically at the MD&M Exhibition and Conference in Minneapolis, MN on October 23 - 24, 2002.

A marker band is a small metal band fixed to the inner member of a balloon catheter, used to make the location of the balloon and stent visible by fluoroscopy during clinical use. Swaging is the process of compressing the diameter of a small solid metal band to provide secure attachment to the inner member of the balloon catheter.

Integral to the MSI equipment is the use of flexures, or flexible members that guide motion, rather than a set of dies, shims, backers, rollers or spindles. The MSI swaging equipment utilizes a one-piece, segmented die plate and a closer plate. The difference between the initial and finished marker band diameter sizes is very small and the MSI equipment operates over a small range of the motion allowing several die segments to be very accurately integrated into a single piece of metal. The main advantages of the MSI equipment include:

o Increased swaging accuracy due to the die cavity geometry.
o Reduced wear between the parts of the die mechanism.
o Clean operating equipment, the mechanism has no sliding or rolling parts that require lubrication.
o Short process cycle time.
o Automatic and accurate band longitudinal positioning.

Machine Solutions Inc. (MSI) is a leading manufacturer and pioneer in providing the medical device community with the premier solution for catheter processing applications. MSI has been instrumental in automating or semi-automating several manual processes within catheter manufacturing organizations. Please visit for additional corporate and MSI product information.

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