Maricopa Medical Center Replaces Unsightly, Open-Air Utility Trucks with Sleek, Covered Laundry Carts to Upgrade Sanitation, Control Odors and Hide Soiled Laundry from View

Ashtabula, OH: When Randy Bernstein went up the elevator at Maricopa Medical Center soon after joining the Phoenix, Arizona hospital as manager of laundry services, he was surprised to find himself standing next to a heaping mound of soiled linens piled high over the rim of a five-foot long canvas cart headed to the on-site laundry. Guests in the elevator cringed at the sight and the scent as they stepped as far into the corner as possible. Sharing the ride with soiled sheets, towels, gowns and other hospital linens - all open to the air - clearly disturbed everyone on board, according to Bernstein. "It really was a disgusting sight. Rolling dirty laundry in front of our guests three or four times a day every day not only looks bad but it also makes people question the cleanliness of the entire facility," says Bernstein of the 449- bed facility with an on-site laundry facility processing 7,500 pounds of linens per day, every day.

Bernstein quickly set out to change how soiled linens are transported through the hospital.

After a review of available options, Bernstein replaced the open-air utility trucks with the new 72S bulk laundry carts from Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. (, Ashtabula, Ohio. "This is the first new looking laundry cart I've ever noticed," says Bernstein, a 10-year veteran of commercial laundries. "It's beautiful, user-friendly and very, very durable." The 72S combines a smooth, contemporary style with a sleek profile, a metal-free interior and a lockable cover to hide the laundry inside, along with any odors. Rotationally molded from 100% waterproof polyethylene, the MOD 72S features a savvy internal rib design that boosts the strength and capacity to 1,000 lbs. yet maintains an ergonomically light weight for easy handling.

"Our staffers just love these carts. They roll so easily it's like the carts are floating on air," says Bernstein. "Now, when the elevator door opens and people see us with the cart, they politely invite us inside to share the ride instead of wrinkling their noses and looking away," says Bernstein. "I'm a big fan of MOD and the 72S."

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