Marian, Inc. Adds Waterjet to Production Capabilities

Indianapolis, IN - Marian, Inc. (Marian) announces the enhancement of its waterjet cutting capabilities. "Since our inception in 1954, we have been strongly committed to providing alternative solutions for our customers," says Bill Witchger, Marian President. Mr. Witchger continues, "The enhancement of our waterjet machine allows us to produce low volume, high-precision die-cut parts using silicone, phenolic, or EPDM rubbers. Laser and plotter systems are inadequate at processing these materials."

Marian anticipates future opportunities with waterjet, including the creation of gaskets and seals for the electric battery market and insulators for the solar panel industry. With the addition of this capability, Marian's 25 sales engineers across the country are able to provide additional solutions in manufacturing design and prototyping.

The waterjet machine is powered by a high-pressured water pump that projects a jet of high-speed water through a small opening, to provide accurate and harm-free cutting. Unlike more traditional cutting methods, waterjet cutting uses a minimal amount of heat. This gives it the ability to cut sensitive materials without burning, apple coring, or melting damage to the part. Therefore, it can cut heat-sensitive, delicate or very solid materials; including metals, steel, wood, rubbers, foams, plastics, and more.

Another benefit over traditional cutting methods is that it is considered more of a "green" technology. Waterjet cutting does not produce hazardous wastes; uses very little water; and parts can be cut closely together, which minimizes material waste.

The Flow Mach 2B Waterjet Model specs include: accuracy of (+/-) 0.005" inch per 3' feet at 68° ± 3°F / (± 0.127 mm per 1M at 20° ± 3°C); repeatability (+/-) 0.0025" inch at 68° ± 3°F / (0.0635 mm at 20° ± 3°C); and speed range of up to 400 ipm. Also includes interchangeable pure waterjet and abrasive waterjet cutting head systems to cut a wide variety of materials.

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Marian, Inc., based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, is a global provider of custom, die-cut, flexible component parts for the medical, electronics, and automotive industries. For 56 years, Marian has provided innovative solutions to its customers by offering services like laser, rotary, waterjet, and flatbed die-cutting; prototyping; precision slitting; and packaging. Materials include pressure-sensitive adhesives and tapes; sponge and foam; thermal management; shielding; plastic films, rubber, TPR, and plastic sheet; and filter fabrics, as well as many others. With eight locations throughout North America, Singapore, and China, we strive to provide our customers with quality products and exceptional service at competitive prices. For more information, visit

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