Manufacturing Software offers 3D design capabilities.

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Autodesk Inventor(TM) Series consists of 2D and 3D design applications that include Autodesk Inventor 3D design software and Autodesk® Mechanical Desktop® in 1 package. Users can begin using Autodesk Inventor software as their primary design tool while maintaining current AutoCAD-based system in parallel. Autodesk Inventor enables design visualization, automated drawing production, and design revision capabilities.

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Autodesk Introduces the Autodesk Inventor Series, a Collection of Autodesk's Premier 2D and 3D Manufacturing Applications

Autodesk Mechanical Desktop Customers Retain Existing Functionality While Gaining Access to Autodesk Inventor Software, the Industry's Most Innovative 3D Design Technology

San Rafael, California, January 30, 2002-Autodesk, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSK), the world's leading design software and digital content company, today announced the availability of the Autodesk Inventor(TM) Series, a collection of 2D and 3D design applications that includes Autodesk Inventor(TM) 3D design software and Autodesk® Mechanical Desktop®, in one
package. With this new offer, customers will continue to receive all the functionality of Autodesk Mechanical Desktop software while gaining access to the Industry's most innovative 3D design system, Autodesk Inventor. In addition to Autodesk's 3D software, the Autodesk Inventor Series also features the functionality of AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® Mechanical software.

The Autodesk Inventor Series gives customers the flexibility to continue to use the industry-leading AutoCAD-based products they currently depend on, while they begin exploring the latest in 3D design with Autodesk Inventor software. Customers interested in using Autodesk Inventor software for 3D design will have the opportunity to transition at a comfortable pace, while maintaining the same high level of productivity that their business is based upon.

"Although engineers and designers can visualize in a two-dimensional environment, the rest of the world sees in 3D," said Robert Kross, vice president of the Manufacturing division at
Autodesk. "Using a powerful 3D design and visualization tool like Autodesk Inventor, manufacturing companies around the world have found that they can instantly speed up production cycles, eliminate the need for costly prototyping, and ultimately increase the scope of their business contracts by creating digital design data that can be shared throughout the company and beyond. In this difficult economic time, making the investment in a 3D design system that can offer immediate business benefits is imperative for manufacturing companies that want to stay on the cutting edge of business and one step ahead of the competition."

The Autodesk Inventor Series gives customers who would like to begin using Autodesk Inventor software as their primary design tool an easy and affordable way to make the transition while maintaining their current AutoCAD-based system in parallel. With the Autodesk Inventor Series, customers get the opportunity to learn and leverage the most innovative 3D design technology without sacrificing their current design system. With this offer, customers can use the software they need when they need it, because it's all in one package-a value offered only by Autodesk.

The Benefits of 3D Design with Autodesk Inventor Software

Autodesk Inventor technology lets customers become productive in a single day through an intuitive workflow, a simplified user interface, and an advanced help and support system. Additionally, using the latest 3D design system enables better design visualization, automated drawing production, easier design revisions, and reduced engineering cycle times.

Autodesk Inventor successfully combines 2D capabilities with the power of 3D and delivers industry-leading DWG compatibility from the company that invented the DWG format: Autodesk. With innovative adaptive technology at its core, Autodesk Inventor software delivers exceptional performance when working with large assemblies, thus providing a significant value to mechanical engineers. In addition, because the Autodesk Inventor platform is built to extend the use of design data throughout the design chain, customers can improve their business processes and gain efficiencies by sharing information with the expanded supply chain.

The Autodesk Inventor Series features the latest version of the software, Autodesk Inventor 5.3, as well as ShapeManager, the purpose-built, feature-based modeling kernel unique to Autodesk. The Series includes enhancements to performance, drawing creation, data exchange, and application programming interfaces (APIs).

The Autodesk Inventor Series is available today worldwide through an authorized reseller and through the Autodesk® Subscription program in the U.S. and Canada. The Subscription program is a unique software delivery model that offers a convenient way for users to protect their software investment and to stay up-to-date on the latest Autodesk technology.

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