Manual Torque Wrenches use universal round shank heads.

Press Release Summary:

Available in 2 models with torque ranges of 10-50 lbf-in. and 30-250 lbf-in., T-Series manual torque-control wrenches is accurate to ±3% in direction of torque calibration from 20-100% FS. Wrenches have audible click to indicate torque has been reached, and can be calibrated using English or metric settings. Interchangeable heads are available including ratchet head, box-end, or open-end drivers.

Original Press Release:

New Manual Torque Wrenches Announced

Can be Calibrated in English or Metric Settings

CLEVELAND, OH-June 2, 2006- Two new models of manual torque-control wrenches have been announced by ASG, a division of Jergens, Inc. The new T-Series wrenches are accurate to ±3% in the direction of torque calibration, from 20-100% of full scale. Two torque ranges are available: 10-50 1bf-in and 30-250 1bf-in. Both use universal round shank heads and have an audible click to indicate torque has been reached. Either can be calibrated in English or metric settings.

A full series of inter-changeable heads are available, including ratchethead, box-end or open-end drivers.

ASG is located at 15700 South Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44110- Telephone (216) 486-6163 Fax: (216)-481-4519. E-mail: Inquiries to Paula Yuen.

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