Manual CMMs feature free floating, all air bearing design.

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Combining granite table construction with individual axis locks, X-Cite(TM) Series utilizes OpenDMIS(TM) measuring software, which offers full CAD capabilities with Quick Measure(TM) feature for hands-free inspection. Model 5.6.4 provides measuring range of 500 x 600 x 400 mm with volumetric measuring accuracy of 3.5 + L/300; while Model 7.8.5 has measuring range of 700 x 800 x 500 mm with 4.5 + L/250 accuracy. Models 7.10.5 and 7.15.5 allow measurement of parts 1,000 and 1,500 mm in length.

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Xspect Solutions Introduces New Family of "X-CITE(TM)" Manual CMMs

Despite the growing market trend towards full CNC CMMs, the opportunity for large measuring volume manual CMMs remains strong.

Xspect Solutions has launched a new family of USA-assembled manually-operated "X-Cite(TM)" coordinate measuring machines, Fig. 1. Keith Mills, president of Xspect Solutions, says, "Despite the growing worldwide market trend towards full CNC CMMs, the opportunities for cost-effective large volume manual measuring CMMs remains very strong. For that reason, we have launched a new X-Cite(TM) series of manual machines that combines their all air bearing and rugged granite table construction with OpenDMIS(TM) measuring software that offers full CAD capabilities with the unique Quick Measure(TM) feature that allows complete 'hands-free' inspection."

The X-Cite has been designed and built to exacting and rugged machine tool standards. It uses thermally stable black granite and is a free floating all air bearing CMM with individual axis locks and fine adjustment for precise measurements.

The X-Cite machine series includes four measuring envelope sizes. The Model 5.6.4 has a measuring range of 500mm(X) x 600mm(Y) x 400mm(Z) with a volumetric measuring accuracy of 3.5 + L/300; the Model 7.8.5 has a measuring range of 700mm(X) x 800mm(Y) x 500mm(Z) with a volumetric measuring accuracy of 4.5 + L/250; Two additional models, the Model 7.10.5 and the Model 7.15.5 allow the measurement of parts 1000mm and 1500mm in length.

The machine comes standard with one micron Renishaw® scales and Renishaw touch probe as standard. Renishaw manual indexing heads for the more complex metrology tasks can also be specified.

X-Cite is supplied with OpenDMIS(TM) measuring software with full CAD capabilities as standard so the CMM can be an integral part of the manufacturing process permitting the generation of inspection programs before manufacturing is performed. Incorporating the unique Quick Measure(TM) feature of OpenDMIS(TM) allows complete hands-free inspection from the PC. Quick Measure utilizes the software's intellect to determine the feature type under measurement and allows for rapid part inspection without the traditional tedious need to instruct the software as to what to inspect next. The part is simply probed and OpenDMIS(TM) does the rest. In addition, full reverse engineering functionality allows the user to measure and scan features exporting the resulting data in IEGS format.

Xspect Solutions, Inc. headquartered in Wixom, Michigan, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wenzel GmbH of Germany. Xspect Solutions is the Number 3 supplier of
CMMs in the North American metrology market including; new Wenzel CMMs, and is the
world's largest supplier of pre-owned CMM equipment. Xspect Solutions also supplies new Wenzel CMMs with its OpenDMIS software to the North American markets.

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