Manncorp's Split-Vision Rework Station Has Auto Removal/Placement Head, for BGAs and QFPs

BGAs, QFPs and other fine-pitch devices can now be desoldered, removed and replaced with the BR720 lead-free rework station from Manncorp. Utilizing split-vision zoom optics with 22x magnification, real-time images of components superimposed on solder pads are continuously displayed on the system monitor. Perfect alignment is achieved when operator makes final X and Y micrometer adjustments with LED lighting providing high image contrast.

The processing stage includes controlled heat from three sources: hot air top and bottom - capable of lead-free temperatures of up to 350ºC. Additionally, an IR underheater prevents board warpage by evenly heating the entire PCB. Accurate profile monitoring is assured with the use of the onboard independent K-type thermocouple port. The placement head with automatic Z axis removes, places and solders components without operator intervention,

The system includes a built-in vacuum generator, eliminating the need for an external air source while providing plug-and-play capability at any location throughout the production floor. It will accommodate large boards to 550 x 500mm (21.6" x 19.7"). The BR720 is $14,995, which Manncorp officials claim is well under the market price for rework systems with similar capabilities. For details, access manncorp.com720rework, call 1.800. PIK MANN (745.6266) or e-mail

Manncorp offers pick-and-place machines, stencil printers, reflow ovens, wave solder machines, turnkey systems, solder pastes, board cleaners, desiccant cabinets, nitrogen generators and more. Accessing is an informational experience. Not only are full details and specifications provided for the 250+ products, but prices are also attainable within five seconds after minimal contact information is provided.

Contact: Mike Schwartz,
800.pik.mann (745.6266)

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