Manipulator eliminates need for electronic press braking.

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Brake Press Plate Handler balances load of heavy metal plate while allowing the plate to bend. Product comes with end effector that picks up plate from stack, puts it into press, and sets it down in finished stack, without releasing plate, even while bending occurs. Allowing handles to stay at ergonomic height during bend process, handlebars enable operator to remain in control of manipulator and plate during press operation.

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One-Person Brake Press Operator

Revolutionizing Brake Press Procedures

London, ON. Canada - April 13, 2007 - Using the manipulator technology, developed and improved over the last ten years, Givens Engineering has invented a new manipulator that will allow one person to operate the manipulator and handle plates to be bent in a brake press. The manipulator (currently patent pending) balances the load of the heavy metal plate while allowing the plate to bend, therefore revolutionizing the way brake presses can be operated.

The Brake Press Plate Handler features an end effector (gripper or suction cups) that picks up the plate from a stack, puts it into the press and sets it down in the finished stack, without releasing the plate even while bending occurs. And, because the manipulator follows the plate, it will work with any conventional hydraulic brake press, without the need for special electronic press braking.

The end effector also features a 180-degree rotation mechanism that allows the operator to turn the plate over for the next bend, actuated via pushbuttons on the handlebars if required.

The handlebars float to allow the handles to stay at an ergonomic height during the bend process, enabling the operator to remain in control of the manipulator and plate during the press operation.

The Brake Press Plate Handler was designed to increase productivity, produce faster time cycles, and also solve an ergonomic issue, where originally two persons would have to manually lift, rotate and control 200 lb plates during the bending process.

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