Mammoet Deploys Riverbed to Speed Performance of Its Globally Connected Private Cloud

Netherlands Manufacturer of Heavy Lifting and Transport Machinery Improves Employee Productivity, Accelerates Disaster Recovery and Speeds Customer Service with Riverbed WAN Optimization Solutions

May 22, 2011 - Riverbed Technology (NASDAQ: RVBD), the IT performance company, today announced that Mammoet, a provider of heavy lifting and transport solutions, has successfully deployed 65 Riverbed® Steelhead® appliances across its three data centers in Europe, Asia and the United States, and across all of its branch offices. By deploying Riverbed's wide area network (WAN) optimization solution, Mammoet was able to successfully and intelligently implement a major IT consolidation project, while also dramatically improving access to business-critical applications that are located in the company's private cloud infrastructure. With Riverbed, Mammoet moved the data to the datacenter, removed 24 local servers and reduced its bandwidth utilization by 3x, while at the same time decreasing IT costs, improving employee productivity, accelerating disaster recovery, and speeding up customer service calls.

Mammoet is a specialist in customized heavy lifting and transport solutions for onshore and offshore locations with 3,500 employees and approximately 60 offices worldwide in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. In the Middle East Mammoet Gulf has a regional head office based in Dubai (UAE) with branch offices in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Mammoet Gulf is also working in Oman, Kuwait, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, India, Mauritius, East Africa and Caspian. Since 1974 Mammoet Gulf has carried out many prestigious projects in the Gulf region.

With the goal of simplifying IT management and reducing costs, Mammoet planned to consolidate its IT infrastructure into a private cloud by replacing dozens of local servers with three data centers located in Europe, Asia and the United States. In order to ensure application performance and speed the replication of data between data centers for disaster recovery (DR), Mammoet worked with its technology partners to test a number of potential WAN optimization offerings. After reviewing a number of options, it quickly became clear that Riverbed was the right choice.

"From the tests, it was apparent that Steelhead appliances were really easy to configure-this was one of the most important reasons for choosing Riverbed," said Harger Brasjen, ICT/infrastructure manager at Mammoet. "You unpack the Steelhead appliance, give it a network address and it works! The other alternatives were more trouble when it came to configuration. During the trials, some vendors spent two days setting up their systems while Riverbed was finished in an hour."

Mammoet installed 65 Riverbed Steelhead appliances across its data centers and branch offices, which allowed the company to move the data from its remote sites, as well as reduce management and IT maintenance costs across the organization-all in addition to deferring bandwidth upgrades in a centralized infrastructure. The company also quickly recognized a massive reduction in data traffic for DR replication by 78 percent, CIFS by 66 percent, and Microsoft Outlook by 73 percent.

In addition, Mammoet deployed the Riverbed Central Management Console (CMC), which enables Mammoet to deploy, configure and manage the Steelhead appliances in geographically dispersed locations from a central location. Due to the global nature of its business, Mammoet also opted to deploy the Riverbed Steelhead Mobile solution to ensure that its mobile workers could access files and data as quickly and easily as their branch office colleagues. The Steelhead Mobile solution has also been deployed for offices with less than five employees as a cost-efficient way to deliver local area network (LAN)-like speeds to smaller branch offices.

"Riverbed's WAN optimization solutions have given us the platform we need to understand, optimize and consolidate our IT operations into a private cloud architecture, which has helped us build a faster, more dynamic IT infrastructure that really aligns with our business goals and needs," explained Brasjen. "Our global employees are now productive no matter where they are in the world, which gives us a real competitive edge. Riverbed has truly provided us with a range of solutions to meet our needs for both today and tomorrow."

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