Malvern Announces 'Early Access' Program for New Raman Capabilities

Malvern, UK: Malvern Instruments has announced an 'early access program' designed to introduce the benefits of combining automated particle size/shape analysis on the company's Morphologi G3 system with chemical identification provided by Raman spectroscopy, in the form of the new Morphologi G3-ID. The early access program is designed to enable potential users to find out more about the technology and how it may help with their specific applications. During this initial period the Morphologi G3-ID will be available for purchase in specific areas of Europe and the US only. There is also the potential to upgrade from existing Morphologi systems.

Suitable for particles from 0.5 µm to 10 mm, the Morphologi G3-ID enables the characterization of hard to tackle samples in a few simple steps. Its many applications include: determining the chemical composition of powder blends and granules; measuring the API particle distribution of one component in a mix; chemical identification of foreign particle contaminants; and ascertaining whether a particle contains single or multiple chemical components.

The fully automated, SOP-driven measurement process on the Morphologi G3-ID involves simply imaging a large area, classifying particles on size and shape parameters, acquiring Raman spectra of targeted particles and further classifying based on chemistry. The ability to create chemically specific particle size distributions allows exploration of the relationship between particle morphology and particle identification.

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