Makita Releases 4 New Accessories for Increased Performance and Efficiency

New accessories engineered for more efficient fastening, scraping, concrete breaking, and grinding

La Mirada, CA – Since 1915, Makita has been a leading power tool innovator. 2015 marks the 100th Anniversary of its founding, and Makita continues to lead the industry and meet the demands of the construction world with tools and accessories engineered to help make professional users more productive and meet high efficiency standards.

Makita recently released four new accessories for fastening, scraping, concrete breaking, and grinding. All are engineered for increased efficiency and results.

Hollow Sockets

When installing pipes, conduit, and HVAC ductwork, contractors are often required to fasten nuts down over threaded rod, sometimes by hand – a time-consuming task. Makita Hollow Sockets speed up this process with the use of an impact or driver-drill. Makita Hollow Sockets have hollow shafts that allow long bolts and threaded rod to pass through in fastening applications, with a 12-point socket that provides easy fitment over 6- and 12-point fasteners. Makita Hollow Sockets are impact-ready and drill-ready, and engineered for use with today's high-torque impact drivers. They have a 2-piece design (hex shank + hollow socket) that provides greater durability and torsional strength compared to a one-piece hollow socket. They are ideal for use with an 18V Drill or Impact Driver, and a time-saving solution for electricians, HVAC contractors, plumbers, and more. Makita Hollow Sockets are available in the following sizes:


B-43290     9/16" x 3"

B-43309     9/16" x 6"

B-43315     9/16" x 12"

B-43321     9/16" x 18"

B-43337     9/16" x 24"

B-43343     3/4" x 3"

B-43359     3/4" x  6"

B-43365     3/4" x 12"

B-43371     3/4" x 18"

B-43387     3/4" x 24"

6" Floor Scraper (T-02593)

Tile removal can be a time-consuming job and Makita has delivered the right accessory to get the job done more efficiently. The new 6" Floor Scraper is engineered for use with hammers that accept SDS-MAX shanks, and features a wide flexible blade for removal of tile, linoleum, and flooring adhesive with speed and efficiency. Features include an innovative tapered head design that helps to prevent shearing-off of the bolt heads, with bushings that help isolate vibration and reduce bolt loosening. The Floor Scraper is engineered for increased durability, with a high-strength steel design, protective coating to help prevent rust and corrosion, and grade 8 high-strength bolts for added durability. Replacement blades with fasteners are available (model T-02602, sold separately).

16" Self Sharpening Bull Point, 1-1/8" Hex (B-45559)

The bull point chisel is the ideal accessory for general concrete breaking and chipping. However, effective breaking requires that the chisel remain sharp to penetrate hard concrete. The new Makita 16" Self-Sharpening Bull Point for 1-1/8" Hammers features an innovative design that is engineered to keep the bit point sharper longer than traditional bits. The bit features improved geometry for faster penetration and more efficient material removal. The Self-Sharpening Bull Point Bit is for use with 1-1/8" hex hammers, and is ideal for general purpose demolition in brick or concrete, as well as for starting holes in concrete.

INOX Grinding Wheels

Makita is a leader in the grinder category, and Makita grinder accessories are demanded by top pros. Makita has released a line of INOX Grinding wheels that deliver improved material removal with less noise and vibration for improved efficiency and user experience. The Wheels feature aggressive composition for faster material removal, with a high-strength bonding agent for added durability and longer life. The 36-abrasive grit is engineered for efficient material removal (1/4" thick, 7/8" arbor hole) and the "N" grade hardness is ideal for working with ferrous metals including stainless steel. The INOX Grinding Wheels are available in 4-1/2" (A-95956), 5" (A-95962) and 6" (A-95978).


A-95956        4-1/2" X ¼" X 7/8" INOX Grinding Wheel, 36 Grit

A-95956-5     4-1/2" X ¼" X 7/8" INOX Grinding Wheel, 36 Grit, 5/pk

A-95956-25   4-1/2" X ¼" X 7/8" INOX Grinding Wheel, 36 Grit 25/pk

A-95962        5" X ¼" X 7/8" INOX Grinding Wheel, 36 Grit

A-95962-5     5" X ¼" X 7/8" INOX Grinding Wheel, 36 Grit 5/pk

A-95962-25   5" X ¼" X 7/8" INOX Grinding Wheel, 36 Grit 25/pk

A-95978        6" X ¼" X 7/8" INOX Grinding Wheel, 36 Grit

A-95978-5     6" X ¼" X 7/8" INOX Grinding Wheel, 36 Grit 5/pk

A-95978-25   6" X ¼" X 7/8" INOX Grinding Wheel, 36 Grit 25/pk

About Makita U.S.A.

Makita® is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial quality power tools and outdoor power equipment, and offers a wide range of industrial accessories. Makita utilizes leading-edge technology and innovation to engineer tools that are more compact with less weight yet deliver industrial power and results. Makita's extensive line of cordless lithium-ion tools includes 18V LXT® Brushless Lithium-Ion, 18V Compact Lithium-Ion, and 12V max Lithium-Ion. Other best-in-class products include rotary and demolition hammers and saws equipped with Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT®), MM4® 4-Stroke engine power equipment, Super Joint System - SJS® grinders, miter saws engineered with Deep and Exact Cutting Technology (DXT®), Impact GOLD®, the New Gold Standard in Impact Driving, and more. Makita U.S.A., Inc. is located in La Mirada, California, and operates an extensive distribution network located throughout the U.S. For more information, call 800/4-MAKITA (800/462-5482) or go to Follow Makita:,,, The MAKITA TEAL COLOR is the trade dress of Makita Corporation and is protected under common law and registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The Makita Black White color combination is the trade dress of Makita Corporation and is protected under common laws and registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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