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Maintenance Management Software lets users go mobile.

Press Release Summary:

Jun 12, 2014 - Configurable to mirror business practices, browser-based MC Express gives maintenance teams ability to work anywhere wireless or cell phone signal is available. Technicians can complete work orders and PM tasks from field, access complete asset history and attached documents, and utilize start/stop clock functionality to log wrench time. In addition, users can upload images via mobile device's onboard camera, as well as use, adjust, and receive spare parts inventory.

Original Press Release

Go Mobile with MC Express

Press release date: Jun 04, 2014

Complete Work Orders and PM tasks quickly from the field
Access the complete asset history and attached documents
Eliminate the need for Work Order printouts and reduce waste
Utilize start/stop clock functionality to easily log wrench time
Upload images instantly using the device’s onboard camera
Use, adjust, and receive spare parts inventory
Increase productivity from anywhere, anytime

Go Mobile with MC Express
Give your maintenance department the capability to go mobile on almost any device with MC Express, Maintenance Connection’s essential browser-based application that can easily be configured to mirror your business practices. Technicians will love its intuitive layout, and management will appreciate the increase in productivity levels that comes along with bringing their CMMS into the field.

Technicians won’t miss a single deadline with MC Express. Work Order and PM task lists are laid out in this easy-to-use application. From basic to the most complex, all of the tools necessary for success are built into this user-friendly interface. This mobile-ready tool gives your team the ability to work anywhere a wireless or cell phone signal is available.

Technical Information
MC Express was built using the most modern development technologies including HTML 5,, and Microsoft SQL. IT departments will appreciate the browser-based delivery of the MC Express application which coincides with the rest of the Maintenance Connection suite. This means that it is not necessary to install any software for the end user.

Device and Browser Support
MC Express works with HTML 5 browsers with the most widespread use. The following browsers are recommended based on the
iPhone/iPad/iTouch: Safari (iOS6+)
Android Phone or Tablet: Chrome (Android 4.0+)
Windows Phone or Tablet: IE 10+
Kindle Fire: Silk
Mac: Safari, Chrome
Windows PC: IE 10+, Chrome, Firefox

This list represents recommendations based on our testing, but is not conclusive. Since both Operating Systems and Browsers are updated quite frequently, it is best to use the latest version available for your device.

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