Maintaining High Quality with Surface Protection for Precision Parts

The goal at A-Laser is to offer the highest quality precision parts manufacturing and reduce complex design requirements by utilizing advanced technologies including Infrared, Ultra Violet and CO2 laser systems.  To ensure this high quality, A-Laser has a dedicated Quality Control team that inspects every part or project before it leaves the facility. Many of the parts then become pieces of a bigger finished product and this is where quality becomes significant. When parts come together as pieces of a larger puzzle, we want to ensure they function continuously at a high quality level. Aside from our rigorous quality control procedures, another way we can ensure high quality through the life of the part is protection. A-Laser has the ability to add surface protection to many of our materials and laser cut parts using a proprietary nano-coating and surface coating process. We recognized the need for a durable, protective, hydrophobic and oleophobic coating and the result was the development of NanoSlic.

NanoSlic Coated Tweezer NozzleNanoSlic chemistry was conceived by FCT, who specializes in metallization and plating finishes, liquid resists and other unique manufacturing chemistries. Because of the high durability and hydrophobic properties, NanoSlic coatings protect surfaces from water, oils, rust, chemical corrosion, thermal demands, abrasion, scratching and much more without affecting the dimensions or functions of the part. A-Laser uses a proprietary application process to coat various materials and substrates with specific thicknesses to modify surface functions of laser cut parts. NanoSlic protects surfaces from water, oils, chemicals and oxidation, which over time can cause corrosion. NanoSlic is designed to maintain the quality of these precise and complex parts long after they leave our facility. Protection from abrasion, corrosion and extreme thermal demands are crucial for extending the working life of your parts, products or surfaces.

If you need to achieve complex and precise design requirements, or add surface protection to extend part life or improve performance, then please contact your local A-Laser Representative; Joe Azevedo ( visit our website to learn more.

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