Mainstream Engineering Announces PuraClean Filter Spray

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 23 // -- Millions of allergy sufferers who struggle with breathing problems will be able to breathe easier thanks to a new air filter spray by Mainstream Engineering Corporation. PuraClean Filter Spray immediately turns ordinary disposable filters into high performance filters.

When PuraClean Filter Spray was tested on typical non-electrostatic filters, the particle-capture rate improved by as much as 300%. A rise in performance that made ordinary filters comparable to electrostatic filters. So, for a fraction of the cost it is now possible to get the same performance as an electrostatic filter from disposable filters. One bottle of PuraClean costs $14.99 and enhances 12 filters...enough filters to last for a year.

There are also less obvious ways consumers will save money cleansing air with PuraClean. When PuraClean makes filters more efficient, air conditioner evaporator coils stay clean, granting improved energy efficiency.

To learn more, visit or call 800-866-3550.

Mainstream Engineering is a research and development company dedicated to developing advanced refrigeration system technology. Currently, Mainstream is designing a "Gravity Insensitive Heat Pump" for the thermal control system of NASA's future Lunar Outpost and the next-generation crew exploration vehicle- The Orion.

Source: Mainstream Engineering Corporation

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