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Mainstream's involvement with custom air handling systems allows us to offer a full range of components for retrofit or repair of built-up air handling units. Mainstream's components can be manufactured to fit through the tightest openings and spaces, minimizing rigging requirements without compromising performance.

Downtime is kept to a minimum and units can be re-built in phases during off-hours without service disruption because components are designed to easily integrate with existing systems. Save 40% or more over new air handling units by replacing only the components necessary to improve your air handler's performance while preventing costly shut-downs or interruptions to production.

Expedited production cycles are available on almost all components, and in some cases, lead time can be reduced to a matter of days. The following are products that Mainstream sells:

Control Dampers and Louvers

  • Ultra-low leakage, heavy-duty hardware
  • a Galvanized, aluminum or st. st. airfoil blades
  • a Electric or pneumatic actuators

    Custom Fan Assemblies

  • a DWDI Centrifugal, SWSI Plenum, Vaneaxial
  • a Integral isolation bases with seismic restraint
  • a Optional coatings and accessories

    Mist Eliminators

  • Aluminum or Propylene Blades
  • Blade fins ensure total removal of water droplets
  • Pre-assembled units or knocked down for field installation

    Filtration Modules

  • Galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel construction

    Face-loading or side-loading design

    Special filtration options to meet demanding requirements

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