Mailer Shippers do not incur oversize shipping charges.

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Courier Friendly(TM) cartons for Hefty® Express(TM) Air-Kraft® bubble mailers are offered in 11 stock sizes that are designed so that overall length + girth dimensions do not exceed 84 in. Products are available in 3 types to address different user requirements: Mini, which holds up to 25 mailer measuring from 4 x 8 to 14¼ x 20 in.; Catalog, which holds 35-250 mailers; and Master cartons, which hold 50-250 mailers. Mini and Catalog bubble mailers have gravity feed design.

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Pactiv Launches New Courier Friendly(TM) Line of Mailer Shippers

Lake Forest, Ill. (June 19, 2003)- Pactiv Corporation (NYSE: PTV) is launching its new Courier Friendly(TM) cartons for Hefty® Express(TM) Air-Kraft® bubble mailers. The cartons feature new quantity options, which are targeted toward markets with different case count and price point requirements.

Eleven stock mailer cases have been designed so that each carton's length + girth dimensions does not exceed 84 inches. Couriers such as FedEx, UPS. etc., apply an oversize surcharge to packages exceeding those dimensions. Customers can potentially save thousands of dollars in additional, unnecessary shipping charges.

Additionally, Pactiv has organized its mailers into three separate quantity groupings to address different user requirements. (The mini and catalog bubble mailers also feature a gravity feed design to facilitate dispensing):

o Mini (25 count, mailer sizes ranging from 4 x 8 to 14 ¼ x 20- inches)

o Catalog (35 to 250 mailers, depending on the mailer size)

o Master carton (50 to 250 mailers, depending on the mailer size)

The different case sizes address quantity and price point requirements applicable to resellers such as catalogs/e-sellers (ex. Ebay), club stores and office supply, as well as fulfillment operations handling thousands of pieces per day. Additionally, the sub 84-inch case size enables office supply and industrial catalog organizations to transport the mailer shippers economically, eliminating delivery surcharges to the consumer. Pactiv is the only supplier to offer stock bubble mailers in these three different carton configurations.

Eleven sizes of industry-standard mailers are available. The dimensions range from 4- x 8-inches to 14.25- x 20-inches.

Hefty® Express(TM) protective mailers feature tough construction and dependable performance. Each mailer in the Hefty® Express(TM) product line has been engineered to the highest standard so it delivers the strength, reliability and performance associated with the Hefty® brand name. This complete mailer family offers an economical and secure method of guarding products from damage during shipment or transfer.

Pactiv Corporation (NYSE: PTV) is a leading producer of specialty packaging products with sales of $2.9 billion and operations in 14 countries. Pactiv is a market leader in growth sectors of the packaging industry: Consumer Products, with the Hefty® brand; Foodservice/Food Packaging; and Protective and Flexible Packaging. For more information about Pactiv, visit the company's web site at

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