Magnetic Surgery Boards with Customized Protocols use LongLine Procedure Magnets to Speed Scheduling Changes

Operating room supervisors improve productivity and staff communication by visibly posting the critical details of each scheduled surgery procedure on LongLine color-coded dry-erase 2-sided magnets from Magnatag Visible Systems. A Florida nurse manager said: "With these long magnets we can quickly drop in emergencies and re-prioritize. The whole staging process is much more efficient when everyone can see what is going on and no resources are wasted." A California OR Director says "Being able to change the standard headings to match our protocol is a huge advantage. Having the headings exactly the way we want them gives us faster throughput."

"Our hospital O.R. customers tell us the LongLine magnets make is easy to prioritize and manage constantly changing surgery schedules" says Christian Krapf, spokesperson for Magnatag. "We've also made it easy for them to customize the standard board headings to match their scheduling protocol. With our enhanced web site ordering and production process, hospitals can specify customized headings without extra cost as they place their order on line." Krapf continued "We also make the board easy to set up and use. The LongLine magnet colors identify procedures and show special cases. You can write on both sides of the magnets; flip them over to show completed procedures, maintain privacy and display post-op information. The permanently heat-fused printed lines on the porcelain-like steel whiteboard mean there are no messy tapes to replace."

Magnatag Surgery Schedule board systems come in 4 sizes ready-to-use with magnets and everything needed to operate them and several styles to hold from 18 to 50 procedures. For more information go to For full details go to or call 800 624 4154 and talk to a visible systems specialist.

Magnatag® Visible Systems, designs, manufactures and direct-markets over 2,300 magnetic printed steel job-task oriented and all-purpose ready-to-use whiteboard kits including calendars, maps, custom printed whiteboards, a full line of magnets and accessories (many patented) and other information display systems for manufacturers, hospitals, schools, business, organizations and government. A veteran-owned family company founded in 1967. See their website at or call 800-624-4154

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