Magnetic Sheet Stacker speeds sheet metal handling.

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Magnetic Sheet Stacker uses permanent magnets to move sheet metal components from conveyors, punch presses, stamping, or blanking operations and other production machinery. It transfers, indexes, and stacks sheet metal components at preselected destination point, or conveys rejected parts to separate location. Stacker can be configured to stack and destack wide variety of ferrous materials in many shapes and sizes, including sheet stock, finished components, and scrap.

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Bunting Magnetic Sheet Stackers Speed Handling

NEWTON, KS - Stacking sheet metal components manually as they come off the production line often slows down operations and cuts into productivity in metalforming operations. To provide an automated alternative to this labor-intensive activity, Bunting Magnetics Co. has developed a fast, efficient Stacker for ferrous parts. Designed to boost production and cut costs, Bunting Magnetic Sheet Stackers use reliable, economical permanent magnets, adapt to a wide range of applications, and can easily be integrated into automated material handling systems - including standard and custom-engineered Bunting systems. Bunting Permanent Magnetic Stackers move sheet metal components directly from existing conveyors, punch presses, stamping or blanking operations, and other production machinery. They transfer, index, and stack the sheet metal components at preselected destination points. Powerful permanent magnets inside the Stacker's rugged, stainless steel conveyor securely hold each ferrous sheet while it is transported to the stacking point. There, the sheet triggers a sensor that disengages the drive motor clutch, activates a brake, and releases the sheet above the stack. A cycle timer and air valves reposition the magnetic element inside the conveyor to accept the next sheet. The released parts can be stacked on a pallet, conveyor, or other surface, in any desired quantity, ready to be conveyed, moved, or shipped. The stacker can also be set up to convey rejected parts to a separate location. Sheets touch only the belts, avoiding damage to delicate parts and finished surfaces. Painted or oily parts require no special handling. Permanent magnets never wear out and won't send parts flying or create jams during power failures. Bunting Stackers cycle quickly, and are simple to maintain. Sheet handling and material handling time are greatly reduced. With fast, automated sheet stacking, production machinery can be used more efficiently. Consequently, production costs per unit drop significantly. Bunting engineers use the latest computer-aided design equipment and CNC production techniques to "custom fit" Stackers and integrate them into new or existing conveying and production lines. Bunting Stackers can be configured to stack and to destack a wide variety of ferrous materials in many shapes and sizes. Examples include sheet stock, finished components, and production scrap. Adjustable Stackers can be designed for quick changeovers to handle sheets with different dimensions. Bunting also manufactures magnetic timing belt conveyors as well as a wide range of complete automated material handling systems and related material handling components. All can be used in combination with the Stacker to enhance productivity. For more information and a FREE copy of Magnetic Systems and Components for Automated Handling of Sheet Stock, Catalog #901, write Bunting Magnetics Co., 500 S. Spencer Avenue, Newton, KS 67114, U.S.A. You can reach Bunting by phone at 1-316-284-2020 and toll free (U.S. and Canada) at 1-800-835-2526. Or send e-mail to Visit Bunting's Web site at to see photographs, dimensional drawings, and video clips of these and other Bunting products.

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