Magnetic Separators for Demanding Grinding & Metal Cutting Applications


Hudson, MA -- Polytech Filtration Systems, Inc., a leading innovator in machine tool coolant filtration, announces its updated line of magnetic separators for grinding and metal-cutting operations. Polytech Magnetic separators for coolant cleaning improve tool life while reducing operating expenses and the environmental impact of machining. Polytech's advanced magnetic separators reduce filter cartridge consumption and element changes when used with surface grinders, gear grinders, honing and lapping machines, broaches, milling and drilling machines, face grinders or oil reclaiming machines. They extend the effective life of coolant, cutting tools, grinding wheels, pumps and other filtering devices by reducing the concentration of small fines left in machine coolant by chip conveyors in broaching, milling and drilling operations.

Polytech Engineering Manager Chris Ashley explains, "Magnetic separators significantly reduce the concentration of metal chips and fine particles in coolant and cut costs through improved abrasive and cutting tool life, as well as extended coolant change intervals. Magnetic separators can be applied to existing tanks as full-flow or side-loop separators to leverage existing equipment investments. As a first stage, magnetic separators can be very effective in reducing the cost and environmental impacts of downstream disposable filters," Ashley concluded.

Designed for Reliability & Ease of Maintenance
Polytech magnetic separators for coolant cleaning are reliable and rugged. They are available in a range of standard sizes and can handle up to 185 GPM (gallons per minute) of water-based coolant and up to 93 GPM of oil-based coolant. All Polytech magnetic separators easily install on new or existing machines to provide years of maintenance free operation. Their easy to maintain design consists of a magnetic drum made up of alternating permanent magnets and steel discs. The magnetic field is extended by the magnetized steel discs to maximize effectiveness without resorting to more costly high strength or rare earth magnets and a comb type scraper and adjustable discharge chute optimizes sludge removal.

Pricing & Availability
Configurable with a wide array of options, Polytech engineers can easily find the right magnetic separator to fit a customer's specific coolant cleaning needs. Specific system pricing is determined by factors including application and facility requirements of the customer and the number of systems ordered. For more information, a price quote, or further details of additional magnetic separator options, contact Polytech customer support at (978) 562-7700, or at

About Polytech Filtration Systems
Polytech Filtration Systems, Inc. is an industry leading innovator of machine tool coolant filtration systems for over 30 years. Polytech offers a full range of filtration equipment, filter media and system integration know-how to meet the coolant filtration requirements of customers across North America, Europe and Asia. For more information on Polytech Filtration, its coolant filtration systems and their applications, please visit the company's website at:

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