Magnetic Rotary Encoders withstand harsh environments.

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Available in standard and custom configurations, KX Series is immune to dust, dirt, oil, water, and other contaminants found in harsh environments. Units provide up to 45,000 cycles/revolution, max speed of 100,000 rpm, and accuracy of less than or equal to 4 arc min. Allowing non-critical plug-and-play assembly, Series KXL operates with airgap up to 3 mm between wheel and sensor, while Series KXS operates with 0.3 mm airgap for higher accuracy and resolution.

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Admotec's New High Performance KX Series Magnetic Encoders Offer Affordable Solutions

Lebanon, N.H. October 22, 2007. Admotec Inc. has introduced the new RoHS compliant KX Magnetic Encoders to provide high performance in harsh or difficult environments where traditional encoders don't work or don't last. Available in standard and custom configurations, these rotary magnetic encoders offer original equipment manufacturers affordable solutions in any quantity-from prototype to high volume production.

Because the KX encoders are magnetic rather than optical, they are immune to dust, dirt, oil, water and other contaminants found in harsh environments. Their high performance characteristics include resolution up to 45,000 cycles per revolution (CPR), maximum speed up to 100,000 RPM, and accuracy of ≤ 4 arc minutes. These new encoders feature rugged construction that tolerates high vibration and shock and a non-contact design that eliminates wear and aging.

Admotec's KX magnetic encoders replace the company's existing K Series encoders with two new series, KXL and KXS. Series KXL encoders operate with a large (up to 3mm) airgap between wheel and sensor allowing easy, non-critical "plug and play" assembly. Custom-configured versions provide virtually any resolution (up to 10,000 CPR) on any wheel diameter (up to 250mm).

Series KXS encoders offer enhanced performance with higher accuracy and resolution but operate with a smaller (0.3mm) airgap between wheel and sensor. A once-per-revolution index or Z (marker) output is also available. Common binary, angular, and decimal resolutions (up to 45,000 CPR) are available on a variety of fixed wheel diameters (up to 228mm).

In addition to these standard products, KX encoders can be fully customized with features such as low voltage operation, custom wheel features, alternate output signal formats, and axial instead of radial airgap.

Typical applications for Admotec's KX Series Encoders include motor feedback, angle measurement, and machine synchronization in the industrial automation, medical, and aerospace industries.

Admotec develops and produces precision magnetic encoders and solid rotor resolvers that provide high performance for the demanding conditions of aerospace, automotive, nuclear, heavy mill duty, and general industrial applications. With offices in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and Zürich, Switzerland, Admotec is well-positioned to meet the motion and position sensing needs of original equipment manufacturers around the world.

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