Magnetic, Metal Detectable, Screen Cleaning Poly Balls & Cubes

Sifter Parts and Service, Inc is starting the New Year by stocking assorted sizes of cleaning balls and cubes made of polyurethane with a carbon steel core. These cleaners help prevent blinding, or clogging, of vibrating screens.

Polyurethane is extremely chemical resistant, non-porous and durable. Steel cores make it simple to detect whether cleaner is contaminating your product, with a magnet or metal detector.

Sifters Parts and Service stocks a range of sizes including 5/8" and ½". The correct size and type will depend on your product and screen. Sometimes a combination of cleaners will provide the best result. Ask us for help choosing the best cleaner for you.

Proper cleaning saves money by ensuring your on-size product doesn't get sent out with the tailings, and by increasing screen life. Be sure to inspect balls and cubes annually for wear to get the maximum benefit.

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