Magnetic Latching Solenoid suits battery operation.

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Model SC0323L pull type, miniature, magnetic latching solenoid offers zero power to hold mechanism, suitable for power management in products that require linear actuation and continual hold with absence of electrical power. Rated at maximum force of 4.5 oz at 0.05 in. stroke (10% duty cycle), solenoid is suitable for medical instrumentation, power management devices, computer peripherals, and security applications.

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New Miniature Latching DC Solenoid

Bicron Electronics is offering a new pull type magnetic latching solenoid, model SC0323L. Typical applications include medical instrumentation, power management devices, computer peripherals and security applications. The SC0323L features a "zero power to hold" mechanism, making it a must for power management in products that require linear actuation and continual hold with the absence of electrical power. The SC0323L is rated at a maximum force of 4.5oz at a 0.05-inch stroke (10% duty cycle).

Magnetic latching solenoids differ from conventional solenoids in that they have a permanent magnet in their core that polarizes the unit. When connected in "pull-in" mode, force generated by the coil polarity adds to force in the polarized core, enabling the plunger to pull in. When connected in the "release" mode, coil polarity opposes the polarized core, allowing the load or spring to release the plunger.

The Magnetic latching solenoid's feature of continuing to hold indefinitely without electrical power makes them ideal for use in Medical Instrumentation, Power Management Devices, and other "Zero Power to Hold" Latching Mechanisms.

The SC0323L is only one of more than 30 Bicron standard solenoid models which meet a wide range of application requirements. In addition, Bicron's "modified standard" program gives it many starting points for an almost unlimited range of custom designed solenoids with quick turn around prototype development and economical design costs.

Worldwide manufacturing capabilities through Bicron Electronics affiliate companies allow globally competitive pricing on most designs. Typical pricing in OEM quantities for the standard SC0323L magnetic latching solenoid is $2.50

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Bicron Electronics designs and manufactures a complete range of standard and custom DC Tubular, Open Frame, Magnetic Latching and Push/Pull Solenoids. Bicron Electronics also designs and manufactures a broad line of high reliability magnetic products including toroidal transformers and current sensors. Bicron has been a quality electronic products manufacturer since 1964 and is certified under ISO 9001.

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