Magnetic Gripper has low profile design.

Press Release Summary:

Employing rare earth magnets, GRM Magnetic Gripper is suited for lifting and moving steel sheets, blanks, stamped parts, and completed assemblies in automated press-to-press transfer, robotic pick-and-place, and manual/automated machine loading and unloading applications. Heavy-duty solution grasps odd-shaped or perforated parts and operates effectively in any orientation. Operating up to 140°F, gripper de-stacks without double-blanking when appropriate magnet is selected.

Original Press Release:

>SAS< Automation Introduces GRM Magnetic Gripper

SAS Automation introduces a heavy-duty GRM Magnetic Gripper - ideal for use when vacuum cups and grippers are typically used for lifting and moving steel sheets, blanks, stamped parts and completed assemblies.

Applications & Benefits:
  • Automated press-to-press transfer systems
  • Robotic "Pick & Place"
  • Manual and automated machine loading/unloading
  • Outlasts vacuum cups in most applications
  • Grasps odd shaped or perforated parts
  • Increases production and reduces shot air costs
  • Designed for long, maintenance-free operation
  • Operates effectively in any orientation
  • Will not drop parts if system air-loss occurs
  • De-stacks without double-blanking when the appropriate magnet is selected for the application
  • Reduces noise
  • Maximum operating temperature 140°F (60°C)
  • Sizes - GRM 38-3/8, GRM 76-3/8, GRM 127-3/8

    Low Profile Magnetic Grippers:
    The SAS Magnetic Gripper is designed to directly replace vacuum cups with minor tooling and valving adjustments. Powerful Rare Earth magnets positively hold the parts during transfer, greatly reducing the chance of slipping and shifting of your part due to oily coatings. An optional "low-skid" boot is also available to increase grip on parts during transfer. A short burst of shop air pressure is applied in order to release parts. To pick-up or grip parts, the air pressure must be exhausted to the atmosphere.
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