Magnetic Conveyors transport sharp, abrasive parts/chips.

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Heavy-Duty MagSlide® Conveyors utilize high-energy Ceramic magnets or Rare Earth magnets, hidden beneath stainless steel slider bed, to move ferrous materials along surface. Used to hold and move conveyor magnets, twin-roller drive chains travel in oil-impregnated Bunting SlideTrack(TM) channels made from UHMW polyethylene. Channels provide constant lubrication to minimize friction, chain wear, and noise. Horizontal, inclined, and angled units are available with fixed and mobile bases.

Original Press Release:

Bunting Heavy-Duty MagSlide® Conveyors Handle Heavy Loads

NEWTON, KS - The new Heavy-Duty MagSlide® Chip and Parts Conveyors, by Bunting Magnetics Co., remove and transport heavy loads of sharp, abrasive parts that could otherwise damage, jam, or even shut down conventional belt conveyors.

Bunting's rugged Heavy-Duty MagSlide Conveyors - the latest addition to the company's extensive line of magnetic conveyors - are economically built and economical to maintain. Instead of relying on a moving belt to carry cargo, these conveyors use moving magnets - hidden beneath a stainless steel slider bed - to move ferrous materials along the conveyor's heavy-gauge surface. Twin-roller drive chains, which hold and move the conveyor magnets, travel in oil-impregnated Bunting SlideTrack(TM) channels that are made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). These unique and efficient channels provide constant lubrication to help minimize friction, chain wear, and noise. Chain life is further extended thanks to built-in oil fittings, which allow for manual or automatic supplemental lubrication.

Although high-energy Ceramic magnets come standard with MagSlide Conveyors, Rare Earth magnets may be installed for conveying especially heavy parts, fine scrap, or high-volume loads. Both types of magnets offer long-term reliability and ensure precision. MagSlide Conveyors are CAD engineered and manufactured on highly automated CNC punching, milling, and turning equipment. Models included horizontal, inclined, and angled units with both fixed and mobile bases, as well as low-profile MagSlide conveyors. Except for the conveyor's electric motor, all moving parts are completely enclosed. Optional watertight housings are available for special applications.

Bunting will feature its Heavy-Duty MagSlide Conveyors and other products at the International Manufacturing Technology Show this September in Chicago. For more information, visit Bunting at either Booth D-4568 or Booth B-6017.

To see photographs, dimensional drawings, and specifications for Bunting's Heavy-Duty MagSlide Conveyors and related Bunting products, visit the company's Web site at For more information, write Bunting Magnetics Co., 500 S. Spencer Avenue, PO Box 468, Newton, KS 67114-0468; call 1-800-835-2526 (US & Canada) or 1-316-284-2020; or send e-mail to

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